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2017 Fellowships announced

Published: 12 Dec 2017 in Society news

Every year, the British Pharmacological Society elects a small number of Fellows and Honorary Fellows. This year, 35 Fellowships and 10 Honorary Fellowships have been awarded.

Honorary Fellowships 2017

Honorary Fellowship is the highest award given by the Society. Honorary Fellows, nominated by a member, are distinguished for their sustained leadership role in science. The 2017 Honorary Fellowships will be presented by Professor David Webb, President of the British Pharmacological Society, to recipients during the Society’s annual conference, Pharmacology 2017.

  • Professor Nick Bateman for his sustained leadership in clinical toxicology
  • Professor Richard Bond for his sustained contribution to the Society, most notably as Senior Editor of the British Journal of Pharmacology
  • Professor Sir Rory Collins for his sustained leadership in science, including important and influential contribution to clinical trials
  • Dr Alyson Fox for her sustained leadership in grants management at the Wellcome Trust
  • Dr Heather Giles for her sustained contributions to research in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Professor Jackie Hunter for her sustained leadership in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Dr Ruth McKernan for her sustained leadership in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Professor Michael Spedding for his sustained contributions to pharmacological research in academia and industry, and his leadership roles at IUPHAR
  • Professor Roger Summers for his sustained leadership on the molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  • Professor Brendan Whittle for his sustained leadership in applied pharmacology and in the pharmaceutical industry

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Fellowships 2017

Members may apply or in some cases be invited to become a Fellow, demonstrating distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology. Fellows have made substantial contributions to pharmacology and the Society through their work, publications and/or attendance at Society meetings.

  • Professor Jillian Baker, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Professor João Calixto, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Professor Maria Margarida Caramona, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Professor Selim Cellek, Anglia Ruskin University, UK
  • Professor Alexander Clanachan, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Professor Helen Cox, King’s College London, UK
  • Professor Salvatore Cuzzocrea, University of Messina, Italy
  • Alexander Danser, Erasmus MC, Netherlands
  • Dr Neeraj Dhaun, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Professor Gilberto De Nucci, University of Sao Paulo; University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Dr Susan Duty, King's College London, UK
  • Professor Michael Edwardson, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Professor Derek Gilroy, University College London, UK
  • Professor Paul Insel, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Professor Eamonn Kelly, University of Bristol, UK
  • Professor Terry Kenakin, University of North Carolina, USA
  • Professor David Kendall, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Professor Peter McNaughton, King's College London, UK
  • Professor Janet Mifsud, University of Malta, Malta
  • Professor Pietro Minuz, University of Verona, Italy
  • Professor Eeva Moilanen, University of Tampere, Finland
  • Dr Manasi Nandi, King’s College London, UK
  • Professor Andrea Nistri, International School of Advanced Studies, Italy
  • Professor Xavier Norel, Inserm U1148, France
  • Dr Kevin O’Shaughnessy, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Dr Richard Peck, Roche, Switzerland
  • Professor Erika Pinter, University of Pecs, Hungary
  • Professor Paolo Preziosi, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
  • Professor Marcus Rattray, University of Bradford, UK
  • Professor Trevor Robbins, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Professor David Smith, AstraZeneca, UK
  • Professor Teresa Tejerina, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
  • Professor John Traynor, University of Michigan, USA
  • Professor Benjamin Whalley, GW Pharmaceuticals, UK
  • Professor Susan Wonnacott, University of Bath, UK
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