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Undergraduate prize winners 2016

Published: 31 Oct 2016 in Society news

The British Pharmacological Society is pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the BSc Pharmacology Prize (nominated by their university department) and the winners of the Clinical Undergraduate Prize (nominated by their medical school).

BSc Pharmacology Prize

Zaynab Ahmed, University of Hertfordshire
Rossana Azzoni, King's College London
Oliver Hugh Bell, Cardiff University
Lindsey Bennie, University of Strathclyde
Claudia Bento-Pereira, University of Bath
James Camp, University of Westminster
Nadine Godsman, University of Aberdeen
Kevin Harkin, Queen's University Belfast
Mairi Macrae, University of Edinburgh
Matthew Wilkinson, Newcastle University
Elizabeth Young, University College Dublin

Clinical Undergraduate Prize

Zan Abbas, University of Birmingham
Daniel Anderson, University of Edinburgh
Peter Brown, University of Aberdeen
Tom Bucknall, St George's University of London
Joanne Byrne, Trinity College Dublin
Fraser Campbell, Queen’s University Belfast
Amy Cash, University of Liverpool
Georgina Clark, University of East Anglia
Emma Dickie, University of Edinburgh
Hadir Elbeltagi, Peninsula Medical School
Ailbhe Fitzpatrick, Queen Mary University of London
Marc Freemantle, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Cian Gallagher, University College Cork
Anna Gilfedder, Cardiff University
Aparna Ghosh, University College London
Owen Hibberd, University of East Anglia
Grace Knudsen, University of Bristol
Ewan Kyle, University of Southampton
Mohammad Lalji, Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine
Sarah Mabelson, University College Cork
Dominic Marshall, Imperial College London
Roseanna Matt, University of Nottingham
Miski Osman, Queen Mary University of London
Paul Ridley, University of Birmingham
Adam Stark, University of Glasgow
Catharine Taube, King’s College London
Nicolas Upton, University of Southampton
Sophie Weller, King’s College London