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The Society's response to TrialsTracker

Published: 08 Nov 2016 in Society news

TrialsTracker, a new website run by academics at the University of Oxford, shows that many organisations in industry and academia who have registered clinical trials on are not sharing the results of these trials.

Professor David Webb, President of the British Pharmacological Society, comments:

"The British Pharmacological Society supports the AllTrials campaign and the publication of results from all clinical trials, in order that the research community can collectively make the best possible use of resources, and to avoid exposing clinical trial volunteers to likely ineffective or potentially unsafe treatments when evidence may already suggest that the drug target in question is flawed. According to the latest data provided by TrialsTracker, there is a pressing need to prioritise openness and transparency across the diverse ecosystem that is engaged in clinical trials. The Society provides researchers working in academia, government agencies, industry and the health service with a platform to submit papers on drugs that have failed in early clinical development through our jointly published journal, Pharmacology Research & Perspectives."