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The Society's response to the 'Accelerated Access Review'

Published: 27 Oct 2016 in Society news

The Accelerated Access Review (AAR) was commissioned by the government in November 2014. The final report was published on 24 October 2016. It makes recommendations to make it easier for NHS patients to access innovative medicines, medical technologies, diagnostics and digital products, improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

Professor David Webb, President of the British Pharmacological Society, comments:

“Innovation is crucial for improving patient care and, while the UK has an enviable track record in the discovery and development of new medicines, the same creativity and commitment is needed across the entire pathway to ensure patients have access to new breakthroughs. Indeed, there is an opportunity for the UK to lead the way in the engagement of patients as active participants in decisions about access and funding."

"The British Pharmacological Society welcomes the recommendations of the Accelerated Access Review and looks forward to supporting their implementation. Our members work across the whole spectrum of pharmacology in academia, industry, regulatory agencies and the health service, and are particularly well-placed to develop the new ways of working and networks needed to underpin these changes.”