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Congratulations to our 2016 prize and award winners

Published: 13 Jun 2016 in Society news

It is with great pleasure that the British Pharmacological Society announces the winners of the Society’s most recently-judged prizes and awards. Many of these prizes will be officially awarded as part of the Society’s flagship meeting Pharmacology 2016, at the Annual Dinner and Prize-Giving.

Award Recipient
AstraZeneca Prize for Women in Pharmacology Professor Caroline Dive, University of Manchester
Australasian Visitor Professor Graeme Milligan, University of Glasgow
Bill Bowman Travelling Lectureship Dr Nicholas Kirkby, Imperial College London
Gaddum Memorial Award Professor Arthur Christopoulos, Monash University
Gary Price Memorial Lecture Professor Victoria Chapman, University of Nottingham
JR Vane Medal Professor Graeme Milligan, University of Glasgow
Novartis Prize Dr Kevin Pfleger, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
Rang Prize (Clinical) Dr Lindsey Ferrie, University of Newcastle
Rang Prize (Non-clinical) Dr Susan Duty, King’s College London
Schachter Award Simon Cleary, King’s College London
Vacation Studentship
  • Naomi Culleton, University of Bristol
  • Kevin Harkin, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Jessica Henry, Imperial College London
  • Chalisa Iamsrithong, University College London
  • Olivia Matthews, University of Liverpool
  • Poorya Moghbel, Cardiff University
  • Daniel Regester, University College London
  • Agata Rumianek, University College London
  • Asta Arendt Tranholm, University of Nottingham