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British Pharmacological Society signs letter supporting primate research

Published: 14 Sep 2016 in Society news

The British Pharmacological Society is a signatory of a letter in support of primate research, which was published in the Guardian yesterday (13 September) alongside an accompanying article.

The letter was coordinated by Understanding Animal Research (UAR), of which the Society is a member. It was written in response to the many researchers in the UK and around the world who were frustrated with recent efforts by animal rights groups to ban primate studies, in particular, a letter published in the Independent that was signed by 21 scientists who felt that testing on non-human primates in neuroscience research is no longer justifiable.

The letter coordinated by UAR was signed by more than 400 primate researchers and over 20 institutions. If you are a primate researcher or neuroscientist, it is still possible to sign the letter until 26 September. Once signed, your name will appear on the UAR website within 48 hours.

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