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EPHAR 8th European Congress of Pharmacology (Postponed until 2021)

EPHAR 8th European Congress of Pharmacology in Prague, Czech Republic

28 Mar –01 Apr 2021

Abstracts deadline: 05 Apr 2020

Registration deadline:

Prague, Czech Republic - View map

  • Overview

EPHAR’s 8th European Congress of Pharmacology will be held 5–9 July 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic.

**Abstract deadline has been extended to 5 April 2020**

The year 2020 will be a special year for EPHAR, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. Therefore, the EPHAR 2020 congress will be a great opportunity to participate in an outstanding scientific congress and to commemorate EPHAR’s achievements and activities in the charming city of Prague.

The congress will bring together leading international experts that will provide a comprehensive update on the most recent results and progress in experimental and clinical pharmacology and their translation into regulatory science and clinical medicine.

EPHAR 2020 promises to be both enlightening and enjoyable!

Prague, the “City of a Hundred Spires”, has an extraordinary atmosphere that grew out of an incredible history of art, magnificent architecture, unique culture influenced by various styles that have appeared over the centuries and the tradition of enjoying the finer things in life. The city has hosted or has been a “beloved” place for famous personalities like J. Kepler, W. A. Mozart, R. Descartes, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. Einstein, F. Kafka and many others.

The organisers hope that EPHAR 2020 in Prague will become a memorable event both professionally and socially to all participants and  are looking forward to meeting you in person.

The online registration will be re-opened on 1 September 2020.

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