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School of Life and Medical Sciences Research Conference

An exciting programme of talks and poster presentations from students as well as plenary lectures by distinguished speakers reflecting the breadth of reseach within several of the University’s themes including Health and Wellbeing, Food and Information and Security.

16 Apr 2019

Abstracts deadline:

Registration deadline: 25 Mar 2019

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  • Overview


Tea and coffee in Lindop Foyer (poster set up Chapman Lounge, Main Reception)


All convene in Room A154, Welcome – Professor Quintin McKellar


Plenary Lecture one

  • Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London
  • The psychedelic revolution in psychopharmacology
  • Chair: Dr Lisa Lione, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology


Plenary Lecture two

  • Professor Kim Hammond-Kosack, Department of Biointeractions and Crop Protection, Rothamsted Research
  • Healthy crops – Healthy food
  • Chair: Professor. Akinwunmi Olumide Latunde-Dada, Professor of Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology


Coffee Break - Lindop Foyer


Plenary Lecture three

  • Professor Naomi Fineberg, Consultant Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Just can’t stop myself – advancing the understanding of obsession and compulsion
  • Chair: Professor Ken Farrington, Head of Centre for Health Services and Clinical Research


Plenary Lecture four

  • Professor Peter Jenner, King's College London
  • Facing up to the challenges of Parkinson’s disease
  • Chair: Dr Mahmoud Iravani, Reader in Neuropharmacology


Poster viewing and voting over lunch – Chapman Lounge, Main Reception

Afternoon Parallel Session I: Disease Mechanisms, Drug Discovery and Delivery (A154)


​Invited Lecture

  • Professor Adrian Williams, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Research Dean (Health), University of Reading
  • Transdermal and topical drug delivery of the future (?)
  • Chair: Dr Mike Cook, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Student session

Chairs: Giorgia Vaccaro, Amal Alharbi and Vesna Manasieva 


Rhamiya Mahendran: Screening the biological activity of transstilbene benzenesulphonamide analogues


Peter Haddow: Thermogelling materials for topical drug delivery


Huda Alewairdhi: New oral anticoagulant drugs and their medication related problems in patients in secondary care setting 

2.45 – 3pm

Elizabeth Wear: The expression of anaphylatoxin receptors during the in vitro differentiation and polarisaton of human monocyte-derived macrophages


Ying Xuan Gue: Modulating endogenous fibrinolysis in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Afternoon Parallel Session II: Health and Wellbeing (Room A166)


Invited Lecture

  • Professor Nachiappan Chockalingam, Professor of Clinical Biomechanics, Staffordshire University
  • Influence of Biomechanical Measurements in Designing Assistive Technologies
  • Chair: Dr Lindsay Bottoms, Principal Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Student session

Chairs: Terun Desai and Rebecca Hadley


Bushra Ayub: Mental health of parents of children with ADHD


Sue Dixon: Self-help and recovery in eating disorders: A qualitative analysis


Luke Oates: The physiological demands of elite epée fencers during competition


Becky Grace: Towards a model of ethical competence in clinical psychology


Vasiliki Stamatopoulou: Transitioning to a trauma-informed forensic unit: Exploring staff perceptions of a shift in organisational culture

Afternoon Parallel Session III: Biological Mechanisms in Pathogens and their Hosts (Room A161) 


Invited Lecture 

  • Dr Robbie Rae, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Slugs, drugs and mind controlling nematodes
  • Chair: Dr Keith Davies, Invertebrate pathologist

Student session

Chairs: Asna Javaid, Ellie Hurrer and Asiana Carmilla Ifeoma


Robyn Rhule-Samuel: An evaluation of ready-meals and convenience foods as sources of nutritionally important water-soluble vitamins


Katherine Noel: Characterisation of temperature-sensitivity of Brassica napus resistance against Leptosphaeria maculans


Hannah Wileman: Use of a real-time decision support system to give accurate timings for fungicide applications


John Oluwayemi Daudu: Investigations on mycoviruses found in Dothistroma


Alexandra Buckland-Stubbs: The Housing Experiences and Future Aspirations of Polish Migrants in the UK


Coffee Break - Lindop Foyer


  • All in Room A154 – Athena SWAN Lecture: Professor Kathryn Almack, Professor of Health & Hubert Van Griensven, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Work
  • Going for Silver
  • Chair: Dr Paul Jenkinson, Reader in Neuropsychology


Plenary Lecture five: Shari Vahl, Reporter, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, Media City UK, Salford

Keeping the Science in Journalism and the fun in Fungi!

Chair: Dr Avice Hall, MBE Plant Pathologist


Prizes – Facilitated by Dr Silvana Mengoni and Dr Skamarauskas


Closing Remarks, Dr Shori Thakur followed by Networking with Wine and Cheese

Register for free by 25 March.