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Undergraduate membership

Undergraduate Membership of the British Pharmacological Society is available to students working on a pharmacological topic as part of their full-time undergraduate degree, and to medical students.

Undergraduate Membership is normally available during the whole period of registration for a relevant bachelor's degree (i.e. until graduation), after which it can be upgraded to Postgraduate Membership, Early Career Membership, or Affiliate Membership, as appropriate.

Please read the Membership Declaration before agreeing to the terms on the online application form.


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Remember: Undergraduate Membership is free for the duration of your undergraduate studies!

I’d never been to a scientific conference before, and I arrived in London very unsure of what to expect. Over the course of three days I was blown away by the openness and warmth of the pharmacology world in welcoming me. As well as massively enjoying myself, I learned an enormous amount. It was fascinating to learn about research that might have a tangible impact for patients. There were fantastic opportunities for engagement and networking; both with other young pharmacologists just starting out, and with legends of pharmacology who write the textbooks I use everyday.”

– Andrew Jenkins, undergraduate member, University of Bath

“Being a student member of the BPS, I was able to attend the BPS Pharmacology Conference for free. I really enjoyed myself, and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about a wide range of ongoing research work. I also did a poster presentation of my intercalated degree project. It was a stimulating experience especially when engaging in discussion with other attendees. I was awarded the students prizes – a huge recognition to my work and the countless support I received. This experience was certainly a highlight of my time in medical school, and I would strongly recommend students to attend the annual flagship meeting! The regular BPS newsletter available to members has certainly kept me up to date with the latest developments in pharmacology.”

– Jasmine Gan, medical undergraduate member, Barts and the London