Society meetings bursaries

As a member, you can apply for travel bursaries to help you if you are presenting in person at one of our scientific meetings, including Pharmacology 2024.


To be eligible you need to:

  • Be a current member - applicants are generally expected to have been members, and priority will be given to those, who have been members for at least one year
  • Have submitted an abstract and be intending to present in person
  • Be the sole presenter of the abstract
  • Apply by the relevant deadline
Apply now


Members will be reimbursed after the meeting has ended. You will need to complete and submit via email our bursary claim form, along with receipts and a copy of your award email. The claim must be submitted within four weeks of the closing date of the meeting. Along with your bursary claim form you must submit. We will only make payments to a bank account in the applicant’s name, unless otherwise stated.