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Core attitudes

The Society’s Education and Training committee are keen to ensure that the undergraduate curriculum stays relevant and up to date in between more formal reviews. We welcome all feedback on the below core attitudes. If you would like to send us some feedback, please email

Having successfully completed an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology, graduates will have:

  • A concern for detail and quality

  • A curious attitude and openness when interpreting data
  • A confident and adaptable working attitude
  • A willingness to accept a challenge
  • The courage to stand up for their principles under pressure
  • A resilient attitude in the face of failure or unexpected outcomes
  • The ability to work to the highest principles of scientific integrity, following ethical working practices
  • The ability to apply creative/innovative approaches to addressing complex problems
  • The ability to maintain effective working relationships and collaborations
  • The ability to work to fixed deadlines and manage pressure
  • A willingness to engage with developments across science and healthcare
  • The ability to identify employment opportunities and independently pursue personal career goals
  • The confidence and ability to apply their skills in a real world setting
  • The skills for lifelong learning e.g. independence, time management, organisation and planning, initiative, knowledge transfer
  • An appreciation of the societal relevance and impact of pharmacology
  • An appreciation of the value of public engagement and outreach
  • The ability to self-assess performance
  • An understanding of how to evaluate risk