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Pump priming awards

Between 2012 and 2014, the Integrative Pharmacology Fund offered ‘pump priming’ grants, designed to promote new research ideas that require the use of in vivo mammalian (non-human) animals. The funding was intended to support the testing of novel hypotheses and concepts not yet ready for broader funding through external research councils, charities or industry, and to support senior postdoctoral scientists and new lecturers who would be principal investigators on subsequent external grant applications.

I was delighted to receive a pump priming award as it will enable me to get important pilot data which will contribute to a MRC project grant application. Funding for in vivo research has decreased over the years so obtaining funds like these are essential to kick start the career of a young pharmacologist like myself.

Dr Alexis Bailey received a pump priming award in 2014

Fourteen grants totalling over £130,000 were awarded across the three years; details of the projects supported can be found below.

2012 pump priming awards

Dr James Dachtler
Dr Michael Emerson

2013 pump priming awards

Dr David Andersson
Dr Andy Grant
Dr Ilona Obara
Dr Kirsty Mair

2014 pump priming awards

Dr Alexis Bailey
Dr Yvonne Dempsie
Dr Sarah Flatters
Dr Julie Keeble
Dr David Morgan           
Dr Ilse Pienaar
Dr Rebecca Trueman