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National Virtual CPT Training

The National Virtual Training consists of monthly sessions based on the CPT curriculum. Typically, these sessions are a mix of clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and journal club and included lectures, breakout group sessions, as well as networking opportunities. It is open to the clinical community. The sessions are run virtually and are two hours in length. These sessions are recorded, and the training material and recordings are hosted on the BPSA platform.

For further information, or to register for the training sessions, please contact

Session date Host
Monday 13 July (14:00- 16:00) UCL
Thursday 24 September (14:00-16:00) St Georges
Thursday 29 October (14:00-16:00) Liverpool
Thursday 12 November (14:00-16:00) Glasgow
Tuesday 15 December (14:00-16:00) P20
Tuesday 5 January (14:00-16:00) Cambridge
Thursday 11 February (14:00-16:00) Alan Boyd
Wednesday 10 March (14:00-16:00) Oxford
Friday 23 April (14:00-16:00) BJCP
Thursday 13 May (14:00-16:00) Edinburgh
June (date and time TBC) Barts
July (date and time TBC) BNF
September (date and time TBC) Whittington
October (date and time TBC) Newcastle
Tuesday 9 November (14:00-16:00) East Midlands