Prescribing simulator

We have worked with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare to develop the Prescribing Simulator. It is an online training tool for all prescribers to practice their prescribing skills.

The Prescribing Simulator presents users with clinical scenarios and asks them to prescribe a medicine using an electronic form. It automatically scores the prescription and gives feedback about where improvements can be made.

Users can select a test based on either clinical setting, therapeutic area or even patient age, so they can develop skills in targeted areas. There are also pre-prepared assessments of different lengths and on various topics to test general knowledge.

The scenarios are written in a hospital setting, but the cases are relevant to general practitioners, pharmacists and other prescribing groups. 

The Prescribing Simulator aligns with:

It also provides learning material that is relevant to final year medical students in the UK preparing to sit the Prescribing Safety Assessment.

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