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Clinical pharmacology

Celebrating clinical pharmacology

Celebrate and raise awareness of the value of clinical pharmacology in the UK.

The case for savings in the NHS

In December 2016, PricewaterhouseCoopers published a report showing that each £1 spent to hire additional clinical pharmacologists has the potential to reduce NHS costs by almost £6.

A prescription for the NHS

Read about how we campaigned for better recognition of the value of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in 2014.

Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance (CPSA)

The CPSA is a cross-sector partnership supporting UK clinical pharmacology across healthcare and the life sciences for healthier patients, better medicines and a more efficient NHS.

Careers in clinical pharmacology

Find out more about the wide variety of roles exist for clinical pharmacologists.

Join our online Community

The BPS Community is your digital platform for sharing ideas, developing relationships , building research collaborations and accessing networks of support.

Investing in UK clinical pharmacology will save and improve lives

The Society, as part of the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance (CPSA), welcomes the UK-wide government vision -  Saving and improving lives: the future of UK clinical research delivery - that aims to “to create a patient-centred, pro-innovation and digitally enabled clinical research environment, which empowers everyone across the NHS to participate in delivering research and ensures that patients from across the UK are supported to take part in research that is of relevance to them”.