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Ambassadors in action

To get you inspired, here are some ideas for what you could be doing as an Ambassador.

Inspiring school students

You have access to Society resources to deliver inspirational careers talks in schools where you can share your enthusiasm and experiences to encourage young children to study pharmacology.

Making pharmacology fun

You can use your grant money and leadership skills to both host and financially support your department in delivering a networking activity that brings people in your organisation together, in a fun way.

Supporting pharmacological or biomedical student societies

You can make valuable connections with neighbouring organisations and people who share mutual interest in pharmacology. Lead the formation of  a mini society and pave the way for joint collaborations such as symposium and networking.

Establishing a specialist network

You can use your leadership skills and Ambassador funds alongside your expert area of knowledge to create a special interest group within your organisation. You can reach out to other organisations to bring together specialists in the field and provide a space to communicate and discuss advancements in research.

Being an Ambassador gave me increased legitimacy to make an impact within my university and to engage external audiences through an identifiable link to the Society.

Alasdair Gibb, Ambassador, University College London