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Ambassadors coordinator

Share your enthusiasm for pharmacology, represent the Society and help bring the pharmacology community together. Becoming an Ambassador Coordinator will give you:

  • the title of British Pharmacological Society Ambassador Coordinator
  • free membership for the first three years of the role
  • a certificate for your professional portfolio
  • access to resources and materials to help you engage with your network
  • the opportunity to apply for a £250 grant to support activity you organise as an Ambassador Coordinator

You will also have an opportunity to build your CV by:

  • professionally representing a learned society
  • supporting students and peers
  • writing grant proposals
  • managing grant budgets
  • networking
  • building relationships

As an Ambassador Coordinator you will:

  • be a trusted link between the Society and Ambassadors
  • be the first point of contact for the Society in your organisation (around one day per month)
  • oversee the activities of multiple Ambassadors and identify links between organisations
  • deliver or contribute to a least one activity a year which demonstates engagement in your network
  • be willing to actively share Society news and opportunities to your networks
  • provide updates on membership needs or scientific developments and trends
  • take part in Ambassador Coordinator roundtable meetings arranged by the Society (once a year)
  • help recruit new members at their organisation


To become an Ambassador Coordinator you must:

  • have been a member for a least one year (and not in the undergratuate membership catergory)
  • have excellent communication skills
  • be approachable and willing to colloborate


To apply you will need to complete an application form and include a statement on:

  • what motivates you to become an Ambassador Coordinator(100 words)
  • your skills relevant to the scheme (200 words)
  • what you would do in your first year as an Ambassador Coordinator and how (200 words)
  • how you will commit time to the scheme (100 words)
  • how you are approachable and willing to collaborate (100 words)
  • how you will stay up to date with Society news (100 words)
  • your experience of building networks outside your organisation (150 words)
  • your relevant experience work with us (150 words)
  • how you will be a trusted link for the Society (100 words)

Ambassador Scheme

Share your enthusiasm for pharmacology and the Society and help deliver engagement events.