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Ambassadors coordinator

Our Ambassador Coordinators help us build, support and grow our network of Ambassadors. The Coordinators are the trusted link between the Society, the Ambassadors and wider pharmacology community. The Coordinator role aims to bring together our ambassadors to help promote collaboration and shared learning and has a key role in helping to showcase the impact of ambassador activity across the Society and beyond.

Share your enthusiasm for pharmacology, represent the Society and help bring the pharmacology community together.

Becoming an Ambassador Coordinator will give you:

  • Free membership for your first three years in the role
  • An opportunity to develop extensive leadership and coordination skills
  • Access to resources and support to help you engage with your network of Ambassadors
  • Opportunities to representing a Learned Society in a professional capacity
  • Experience of writing impact case studies that will be shared with the Society and wider pharmacology community
  • Development of skills in
    • Supporting students and peers
    • Writing grant proposals
    • Managing grant budgets
    • Networking
    • Building relationships

 Who can apply?

  • Current Ambassadors can apply, as well as members who are new to the scheme
  • We look for members with a keen enthusiasm and track record of organising and coordinating teams to engage with wider audiences
  • Applicants must have been members of the Society for at least one year (and not in the undergraduate membership category)