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Our Ambassadors are our partners in helping us achieve our mission of widening participation in pharmacology and therapeutics. Ambassadors help bring together our vibrant and diverse community across the world, while also developing key skills to help them in their careers.

Ambassadors are appointed by the Society’s Engagement Committee. Find out more about what they do and the resources available to support our ambassadors here.

What the scheme can offer

  • Training and help to develop your skills, to support your current and future roles
  • Help with designing and delivering activities to bring pharmacology to life for diverse audiences
  • Advice and guidance in project management and managing budgets
  • Advice on funding applications to support and further your learning and activities

Who can apply

  • Any existing member of the Society, wherever they are in the world, except undergraduate members
  • We look for members with enthusiasm and a track record of sharing pharmacology and science with different audiences

Additional information:

When completing your application to be an Ambassador, be sure to think about:

  • Who your audience is
  • What you want them to understand or do
  • How you will motivate them to do this
  • How your proposed activities are tailored to suit your audience
  • How your plans align with the Society’s aims and objectives
  • What other support you will need to make your plan a successful reality

Ambassador Scheme

Share your enthusiasm for pharmacology and the Society and help deliver engagement events.