Managing research funding

Have you ever thought about how grant application processes are managed at major scientific funding bodies? Grant officers and grant managers need to have a solid scientific background to oversee the peer-review and administration of research grants. ​

To help you in a research funding career you can:​

  •  Chat to research funding managers at scientific conferences​
  •  Complete a research funding internship​

To work as a grant officer, you will need a minimum of a BSc in a scientific discipline and for grant managers/research funding managers, a PhD is usually required.

Organisations that offer roles in research funding management can include:

  • Biomedical research charities
  • National funding agencies
  • Health funding bodies

Dr Ross King​

Dr-Ross-King-3.jpgRoss is a Research Advisor at the British Heart Foundation. He is responsible for managing and supporting BHF Research Fellowships. This includes advising prospective applicants on their eligibility, scrutinising Fellowship applications once they are submitted, managing peer review and providing expert scientific support to the BHF Fellowships Committee. This  allows them to make confident and evidence-based recommendations for funding.

"The best thing about my role is that my scientific training is put to good use – I would not be able to do my job without a firm understanding of cardiovascular biology and the wider academic research landscape. I am considered to be an expert in my role, and that is quite a rare feeling."

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