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iHOST Policy Oversight Group Member

To express interest, please contact with a short description of your interest & relevant experience by 10am on 31 May 2022. 

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Category:Studentships & internships

Closing date:31 May 2022

Start date:See timeline of activities below

Role: the purpose of the Oversight Group 

The NIHR funded iHOST (improving Hospital Opioid Substitution Therapy) project, led by Dr Magdalena Harris at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine aims to improve the timely and effective management of opioid withdrawal in NHS hospital trusts, including through the development of clear policy guidance. To achieve this objective, the study team has established the iHOST Policy Oversight Group.

The role of the Oversight Group is to provide expert advice in the development of a standardised ‘best practice’ policy template for opioid dependence management in NHS hospitals. The policy will be piloted at University College Hospital (London) between November 2022 and April 2023, and then evaluated at St. James University Hospital (Leeds) and Royal Stoke University Hospital (Stoke-on-Trent) between May 2023 and July 2024.  
The composition of the Oversight Group represents a range of key stakeholders to ensure that the policy template is not only clinically safe and effective, but also feasible to enact with the practical constraints of acute hospital settings. Authorship of the policy is led by the iHOST team, who will share drafts of the working document with the Oversight Group for review and discussion. In addition to offering expert guidance on the policy’s development, we will invite Oversight Group members to pursue ‘sign-off’ of the final policy template on behalf of their representative organizations to maximise buy-in and encourage uptake across the NHS when the iHOST project concludes. 

Key asks 

  • Attend one introductory meeting, June 2022 (1 hour, virtual) 
  • Attend two policy development meetings, July and August 2022 (2 hours each, virtual) 
  • Review and offer written feedback on interim policy drafts ahead of both policy development meetings, June and July 2022 (two drafts, one before each meeting, 10-day turnaround) 
  • Attend one project update and policy review meeting, 2023 (1 hour, virtual) 
  • Respond to calls for feedback on revisions to policy template based on iHOST study findings, 2023 and 2024 
  • Where possible, arrange and pursue organizational sign-off procedures for final iteration of policy template, 2024 

Timeline of activities (2022) 

 w/c 6 June 2022:- Introductory meeting (1 hour) 
  • Introduction to team and group members 
  • Scheduling for workshops 
  • Brief presentations 
    • Introduction to iHOST project (including overview of project timeline) 
    • Current state of affairs (findings from policy review and analysis) 
    • Aims and scope of policy template 
COB 27 June 2022:- Return feedback on first draft of policy template 
  • Document for commentary sent to you by COB 17 June 2022
w/c 11 July 2022:- First workshop (2 hours) 

COB 1 August 2022:- Return feedback on second draft of policy template to iHOST team 
  • Document for commentary sent to you by COB 22 July 2022 
w/c 15 August 2022:- Second workshop (2 hours) 

To express interest, please contact with a short description of your interest & relevant experience, including a short two page CV by 10am on 31 May 2022.