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Animal Technicians

Animal research advances our knowledge and understanding of how humans and animals work, which can help us to develop new medicines and treatments. As an animal technician you would play a crucial part in ensuring that animal research is carried out humanely. It can be a very rewarding job, particularly for animal lovers.

Animal Technicians care for the animals used in research through: 

  • animal husbandry such as cage cleaning
  • monitoring animal health and welfare
  • carrying out routine procedures

Senior Animal Technicians can assist in breeding plans and carry out more complex procedures, including those regulated by the Home Office. 

What skills do I need?

Junior animal technician jobs are entry-level positions. You will often need maths and English GCSEs, and some positions also ask for an NVQ or diploma in animal welfare. You do not have to have hands-on experience with animals. These roles have good opportunities for career progression.

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