Information for students aged 16+

If you have a passion for science and want to make a difference in medicine and health, a career in pharmacology could be for you. Pharmacologists carry out essential research to understand how medicines work. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to develop new treatments, and we wouldn’t know about the safety of medicines that people take every day. 

Pharmacology improves the lives of millions of people across the world. And we need it more than ever. As new diseases emerge and medicines like antibiotics stop working, the need for pharmacologists in the search for new better and safer treatments is becoming even more vital.

There is a wide range of roles you can do in pharmacology with or without a university degree. Training as a pharmacologist also equips you with a wide range of transferable skills for many different career paths. If you are a student considering your options, continue reading to find out how rewarding a career as a pharmacologist can be, and the skills you’ll need to get there.