Clinical academic pharmacology

Clinical pharmacologists often work at universities as researchers and lecturers. The specialty curriculum enables them to undertake a range of clinical research and some trainees opt to undertake higher degrees such as PhD, MD or MSc.​

Many academic clinical pharmacologists are heavily involved in teaching the next generation of doctors, such as helping to prepare medical students for the Prescribing Skills Assessment.​

Dr Azara Janmohamed

Dr-Azara-Janmohamed.pngDr Azara Janmohamed is a Consultant in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and general internal medicine at St George's University Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at St George's University of London. Her research interests include the integration of scientific understanding into everyday patient care and she is currently working on pharmacogenetics and drug metabolism, polypharmacy and de-prescribing, and patient experiences and engagement.

​“Clinical pharmacology is one of the few specialities that is preparing the pathway to personalised medicine and the future of therapeutics. It has the potential to fundamentally change the way medicine is practiced. If you want to be at one of the main junctions of innovation and progress in medicine, then a career in clinical pharmacology is for you.”

Watch the video below to hear from Dr Azara Janmohamed about clinical pharmacology careers:

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