Support for your next steps

If you are aged 14-17 and considering your career options, this information might help as you think about your next steps:​

  • Take a look at the 'Your Path To Becoming a Pharmacologist' leaflet to explore different routes into pharmacology careers
  • Explore where medicines come from and the process of drug discovery in our 'How Do Medicines Work?'  booklet
  • UCAS has details on the entry requirements for Pharmacology degrees to help you choose your A-Level subjects​
  • Future Morph is a careers website for secondary school students. You can read about scientist stories on the Future Morph poster. ​
  • The Russell Group’s Informed Choices website: find out more about subject choice and the impact that A levels (or equivalent) can have on your degree options. ​
  • ​The Royal Society of Biology careers website has many resources for those interested in biological sciences at secondary school:
    • The Royal Society of Biology's Becoming a Biologist: Degrees and Careers in Biology booklet contains information on different types of biological degree and the qualifications you will need to study them, the skills you can gain from studying biological studies, and advice about careers you can do after graduating.​
    • The Options after a Biosciences Degree booklet provides practical advice and information on your next career step specifically tailored for bioscience graduates. ​
    • Alternatives to a Degree options are available for students who wish to pursue a career in the biosciences but are unsure if a degree is right for them.
    • You can also find out more about potential career paths in pharmacology, by visiting our Where can pharmacology take me? pages.