Subject choices for pharmacology

GCSE subject choices for pharmacology

Most pharmacology careers require A-Levels in sciences. This means that pupils hoping to pursue a career in pharmacology will need a passion for science and to perform well in their GCSEs, with particularly strong grades in science subjects.  

Pupils who want to pursue clinical pharmacology will need a medical degree. Many medical schools also have specific requirements for science subjects at GCSE. Pupils should make sure to check these on each medical school’s website.

A-Level choices for pharmacology

To study for a degree in Pharmacology, pupils will need to choose A-Level subjects that meet the entry criteria for their preferred university. Each university has their own entry requirements for a pharmacology degree.  Most require applicants to have a minimum of two science A-Levels or one science A-Level plus Maths at A-Level. 

For pupils wishing to pursue clinical pharmacology, they will need a medical degree. Chemistry A-Level is usually essential and most medical schools will also require biology and maths or physics. Students should check the entry requirements for their desired university and medical school for specific requirements.