Submitting an article for publication

Wiley’s 4-step guide provides useful information on how to select the most appropriate journal for your research. You must ensure that your article fits within the scope of the journal. It can sometimes be useful to send a pre-submission enquiry to the journal to check that this is the case.

Once you have chosen a journal you must take care to follow the journal’s guidelines for the best chance of publication. Remember to provide context on why your research is relevant to the journal and what it is adding to the broader field. 

Journals often request a covering letter. Make sure that this is tailored to the journal and does not replicate what is in the article.

You may need to consider whether your chosen journal charges fees for publication and how you will cover these. Increasingly, many academic institutions have agreements with publishers to cover these publication fees. If possible, check your chosen journals with your institution's library or support staff.