Internal Medicine Training



Since August 2019, the model for specialty training in the UK has changed. Core medical training has been replaced with a new Internal Medicine Training (IMT) curriculum that is completed in two stages. The important thing to know at this point in your training is that there are two IMT pathways: single and dual Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). ​

The key difference between the single and dual pathways is that in Stage 2, the dual training pathway integrates training in internal medicine with a Group 1 specialty. As Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics is a Group 1 specialty, you must apply to a dual CCT pathway if you wish to specialise in this area. ​

​Your choices at IMT Stage 1 ​:

Apart from choosing the dual CCT pathway, you will also need to make decisions about where to complete the first stage of your IMT.  The first stage consists of two years of hospital rotations with a third supervised year that consists of two six-month rotations, one in a preferred specialty area.  ​

All medical schools will supply information about their IMT programmes which you can use to inform your preferences. This will include: ​

  • Full rotation information for the first two years of the programme, including the hospital, specialty information and duration of each post​

  • An indication of where IMY3 will be based geographically​

At the end of year 2 (IMY2), the training programme director for IMT at your hospital will hold an interim review with you to discuss your specialty preferences for IMY3. It is important to note that the specialty undertaken in IMY3 is not taken into consideration in the selection process for ST4 higher specialty training, when you will be applying for specialty registrar posts in CPT. This means you can choose whether you would prefer to opt for experience related to CPT at this stage, or use IMY3 as an opportunity to undertake a specialty complementary to any chosen career path.​

During IMY3, you will start the process of applying for Specialty Training Registrar (ST4 level ) roles in your chosen specialty. Stage 2 takes up to four years, depending on your chosen specialty.​

Learn more about the recruitment and interview process by visiting the ST3 recruitment website.

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