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Our strategic approach

Five-year strategy: 2012-2017

In 2012, the British Pharmacological Society Council, Sectional Vice Presidents, Young Pharmacologists and senior staff reviewed progress made by the Society over the past four years, and considered plans and priorities for the next five years. The proposals were discussed in depth at Council, and five key priorities were agreed, which have formed and will continue to form the core of the Society’s strategy over the five years to 2017.

Key principles

Two overarching principles to be taken into account, when considering all future activities were identified, namely achieving financial resilience and secondly, further development and modernization of the Society’s equality and diversity policy to incorporate best practice into all the Society does.

Key priorities

  • Greater matching of the Society’s activities to the needs of the Membership
  • Developing an integrated publications strategy
  • Explaining the importance of pharmacology in the modern world by extending the Society’s education and outreach activities
  • Reflecting the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of modern biomedical science by further developing collaborative activities with other Societies.
  • Maintaining the Society’s central position in the promotion of clinical pharmacology, the promotion of safe and effective prescribing, and in the discovery and development of medicines in the UK

Publications strategy: 2014-2018

In October 2013, representatives of Council, Publications Committee, Sectional Vice Presidents, Editors, Authors, younger members and senior staff met to discuss and draft a series of publishing priorities for the future. The proposals were reviewed and approved by Council in 2013, and three key priorities were agreed.

These priorities are listed below, and will form the core of the Society’s publications strategy over the four years to 2018. This strategy will determine the basis for the work of the Publications Committee and constituent journal-specific committees in this period.

Key principles

  • Strategic and operational goals for publishing activities should be integrated – drawing together broader Society activities and issues where possible
  • Open access policies are developing rapidly, and differently, around the world. This has the capacity to significantly impact upon the Society’s publishing and business model. Action in this area must therefore be far-reaching and proactive
  • Technological advances in publishing present new opportunities to create innovative and effective scientific resources for readers and members alike

Key priorities

  1. Protecting, enhancing and realising the commercial potential of the Society’s publishing activities
  2. Supporting and developing further our existing journal portfolio
  3. Working with the Society’s committees and departments to ensure all activities related to publishing are integrated