UKRI consultation on Open Access policy

Between February and May 2020, UKRI conducted a public consultation on their future Open Access policy, as part of the UKRI Open Access Review. UKRI’s intention is to create a “a single UKRI OA policy for research articles and long-form research publications that acknowledge funding from UKRI and its constituent councils”. For the consultation, UKRI supplied a proposed policy and invited responses to it and to some questions.

The Society sent a response to the consultation in May 2020. In our response, we reiterated our support for a fair and sustainable transition to OA. We encouraged UKRI to support this transition towards OA through hybrid journals, as we are pursuing with the BJP and the BJCP. The Society also argued that the UKRI OA policy should only be as complex and as restrictive as necessary. Accordingly, we recommended that the policy allows authors to choose from a range of CC BY licence variants, including CC BY-NC.

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