Recruiting for new Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Pharmacology

24 February 2015

The British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) is a broad-based journal giving leading international coverage of all aspects of experimental pharmacology. It publishes high quality original research and authoritative reviews and is published fortnightly.

The British Pharamcological Society is seeking to appoint a new Editor-in-Chief to succeed Professor Ian McGrath who will complete a full term at the end of 2015. 

Leading article in The Lancet: National prescribing assessment needed to enhance patient safety

13 February 2015

2015 Prescribing Safety Assessment rolls out in all UK medical schools this month

13 February 2015, London UK: The British Pharmacological Society and MSC Assessment welcome today’s leading article in The Lancet, which concludes that: “A national prescribing assessment that all students have to pass will serve to raise and unify prescribing standards, promote improved training experiences, and enhance patient safety… [This] will serve to ensure that all new prescribers, whether trained in the UK or overseas, meet a similar basic prescribing standard before they begin working in the NHS.”

BJCP press release coverage: hormonal contraceptives and risk of brain tumour

22 January 2015

The BJCP press release Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives is associated with an increased risk of brain tumours has been covered by:

Time Magazine: Birth Control Pill Risks May Now Include Brain Cancer

Mail Online: Taking the Pill 'may increase the risk of brain cancer' - but the risks are still extremely small, say doctors

The Telegraph: Taking contraceptive pill for five year doubles risk of brain tumour, warn scientists

Yahoo news: Linked brain cancer risk 'small'

Fox News: Long-term use of birth control pills linked to higher risk of brain tumors, study finds

Irish Examiner: The pill doubles brain cancer risk - but that's still a tiny risk

Times of India: Hormonal contraceptives linked to brain tumour risk

Huffington Post: The Pill May Double The Risk Of Brain Cancer, Study Finds

NEJM Journal Watch: Hormonal Contraception Use in Younger Women Linked to Glioma Risk

Oncology Nurse Advisor: Oral contraceptives may increase risk for developing gliomas

Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives is associated with an increased risk of brain tumours

21 January 2015

Taking a hormonal contraceptive for at least five years is associated with a possible increase in a young woman’s risk of developing a rare tumour, glioma of the brain. This project focussed on women aged 15-49 years and the findings are published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Feel better, be happier with exercise

09 January 2015

An article published in the British Journal of Pharmacology has recently been covered by the Northern Rivers Echo and the Tweed Daily News. The article cites exercise as a "vastly underused therapy ... the overall benefit of exercise in its entirety is not going to be replaced by a pill". The article, Mechanisms governing the health and performance benefits of exercise was authored by Dr David Bishop-Bailey who was awarded the MSD Lecture in 2012.

Awards celebrate pioneering cancer drug discoveries

17 December 2014

17 December 2014, London UK: The British Pharmacological Society has announced the winners of it prestigious awards celebrating achievements in drug discovery: the Drug Discovery of the Year and the Sir James Black Award. Both awards will be announced and presented during the Society’s annual dinner later today, part of the flagship three-day meeting Pharmacology 2014, held in London and attended by an anticipated 1,000 pharmacologists.

Record number of UK medical students take the Prescribing Safety Assessment

17 December 2014

17 December 2014, London UK: The British Pharmacological Society and MSC Assessment today jointly announced that a record number of UK medical students participated in the 2014 Prescribing Safety Assessment. More than 7,100 final year students from 31 UK medical schools sat the assessment, compared with just over 4,900 students from 29 UK schools in 2013 – and this participation is expected to increase further in 2015.

British Pharmacological Society reveals the secrets of success for cutting edge research

15 December 2014

Society also recognises achievements of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Oxford

Monday 15 December 2013, London UK: The British Pharmacological Society has announced the secrets of success for pioneering research along with the outcome of its annual ‘Putting UK Pharmacology on the Map’ vote. The vote selects sites of special scientific interest linked to achievements in pharmacology based on a ballot of MPs, peers and senior members of the scientific community.

On behalf of the Society, Andrew Miller MP revealed the names of the 2014 winning sites at a special parliamentary reception held this evening:

New research aims to improve care for the youngest and oldest NHS patients

12 December 2014

London UK: The British Pharmacological Society has announced that its annual meeting, Pharmacology 2014, will showcase the latest research on the NHS care received by children and the elderly in the UK. New findings in these ‘Cinderella’ areas (so-called because they are often neglected or over-looked) represent just a small sample of the cutting-edge research being presented next week.

The Times: The nation hooked on prescription medicines

11 December 2014

Patricia McGettigan, BPS Vice-President Clinical, contributed to the Times article The Nation hooked on prescription drugs.

The article goes on to highlight the findings of the BPS report, A Prescription for the NHS: Recognising the value of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, which found 8,000 NHS hospital beds were taken up by patients suffering from adverse drug reactions at anyone time.

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