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Pharmacology Matters library

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Scoping the landscape of pharmacology November 2017

Size: 7.53 MB This issue looks, among other things, at how the Society and its members are working to widen participation in pharmacology.


Thinking outside the box (July 2017)

Size: 5.54 MB This issue looks, among other things, at how the Society and its members are working to widen participation in pharmacology.


Get inspired, get involved (April 2017)

Size: 8.28 MB This issue highlights how the Society's members are shaping a wide range of activities.


An open outlook: across publishing, education and engagement (November 2016)

Size: 5.46 MB Looks at an array of activities and initiatives in publishing, education and engagement taking place within pharmacology.


Repurposing: Beyond one use (June 2016)

Size: 5.68 MB The theme of this edition is 'repurposing in pharmacology' - the idea that a drug has more than one use has many advantages.


Your Society in 2016: On course for success (March 2016)

Size: 3.58 MB Taking a closer look at the relationship between physical enhancement and pharmacology


Up close and personal (December 2015)

Size: 2.34 MB

Pharmacologists' perspectives on the role of imaging technology


Society membership, a springboard for achievement (August 2015)

Size: 1.7 MB What can Society membership do for you?


Framing our impact (April 2015)

Size: 2.84 MB

A constant thread throughout this issue is the important impact that the scientific community has on the health and welfare of our society.


Navigating the threat of antimicrobial resistance (December 2014)

Size: 3.98 MB

This issue comprises a collection of five fascinating articles navigating the threat of antimicrobial resistance.


The blossoming of pharmacology in emerging economies (July 2014)

Size: 3.48 MB

In this issue we bring together pharmacologists from across the globe from Mexico, Nigeria and Turkey to reflect not only the broad range of disciplines under the pharmacology umbrella, but also the wealth of knowledge and diversity of members from BPS and other pharmacological societies from across the globe.


Developments in the treatment of CNS disorders (April 2014)

Size: 8.84 MB

Exciting new developments in the treatment of CNS disorders and the complex process of drug development are described.


Brave new world (December 2013)

Size: 12.4 MB

This issue reports on another successful year for the Society, in particular the ongoing development of member services, activities, events, education and public engagement


DNA discovery & the NHS: Celebrating 60 years (August 2013)

Size: 2.4 MB

In this special issue we celebrate the truly inspiring, dedicated and remarkable work of both individuals and institutions that fundamentally changed our understanding of biology.


GPCR (April 2013)

Size: 11.71 MB

GPCRs are of interest to many of our members. This issue reviews the impact Nobel Prize winners Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka discoveries have made.


Raising the profile of pharmacology though public engagement (December 2012)

Size: 2.57 MB

Pharmacology touches everyone’s lives at some point and people are hungry for reliable information. This issue looks at how we are answering this need.


European pharmacology (July 2012)

Size: 6.76 MB

In celebration of EPHAR 2012 this issue focuses on some of the issues that affect, and hopefully interest, pharmacologists from across Europe.


Developing new medicines: what are the hurdles? (April 2012)

Size: 3.24 MB

In this issue, several of our pharmacological ‘Olympians’ address some of these obstacles in more detail.


An industrial revolution: can industry adapt to survive? (December 2011)

Size: 2.95 MB This issue looks at the blurring of traditional boundaries between academia and industry as drug discovery navigates the current economic turbulence.


A pharmacological education (August 2011)

Size: 17.31 MB This issue highlights what we offer in the way of educational resources and presents an insight into the future of a pharmacological education.


Pharma futures (April 2011)

Size: 21.57 MB This issue stresses the value of long term commitment and investment in the future of UK Pharma, to help maintain its strong position in world science.


Drugs of abuse (December 2010)

Size: 1.57 MB Recreational drug use sparks intense and often polarized debate. This issue explores the pharmacological perspective examining the physical effects of mephedrone, alcohol, cannabis, and cognitive enhancers.


Diseases of global importance (July 2010)

Size: 3.85 MB This issue focuses specifically on pharmacology and its application globally, examining the progress made in tackling diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, cardiovascular diseases and HIV.


Charles Darwin at 200 (December 2009)

Size: 2.22 MB This issue contains an array of articles covering the discovery of DNA’s structure, the Human Genome Project, personalized medicines and the embracing of genetic techniques.


Clinical special issue (June 2009)

Size: 2.3 MB This issue contains articles from the Chairman of NICE, Professor Sir Michael Rawlins and the then President of EACPT Professor David Webb.