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British Journal of Pharmacology


Opposite effects of cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors on antipsychotic clozapine‐induced cardiotoxicity

Pages: 890-905

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Liliang Li, Xiaoru Dong, Chunyan Tu, Xiaoqing Li, Zhao Peng, Yiling Zhou, Dingang Zhang, Jieqing Jiang, Allen Burke, Ziqin Zhao, Li Jin, Yan Jiang

Aspirin eugenol ester attenuates oxidative injury of vascular endothelial cells by regulating NOS and Nrf2 signalling pathways

Pages: 906-918

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Mei‐Zhou Huang, Ya‐Jun Yang, Xi‐Wang Liu, Zhe Qin, Jian‐Yong Li

Potent effects of dioscin against hepatocellular carcinoma through regulating TP53‐induced glycolysis and apoptosis regulator (TIGAR)‐mediated apoptosis, autophagy, and DNA damage

Pages: 919-937

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Zhang Mao, Xu Han, Dahong Chen, Youwei Xu, Lina Xu, Lianhong Yin, Huijun Sun, Yan Qi, Lingling Fang, Kexin Liu, Jinyong Peng

Blockage of sphingosine‐1‐phosphate receptor 2 attenuates allergic asthma in mice

Pages: 938-949

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Soo‐Jin Park, Dong‐Soon Im

Pharmacological impact of antiretroviral therapy on platelet function to investigate human immunodeficiency virus‐associated cardiovascular risk

Pages: 879-889

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Kirk A. Taylor, Erica Smyth, Francesca Rauzi, Maddalena Cerrone, Akif A. Khawaja, Brian Gazzard, Mark Nelson, Marta Boffito, Michael Emerson

Inhibition of Cav3.2 calcium channels: A new target for colonic hypersensitivity associated with low‐grade inflammation

Pages: 950-963

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Elodie Picard, Frederic Antonio Carvalho, Francina Agosti, Emmanuel Bourinet, Denis Ardid, Alain Eschalier, Laurence Daulhac, Christophe Mallet

Vasoactive intestinal peptide shapes first‐trimester placenta trophoblast, vascular, and immune cell cooperation

Pages: 964-980

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Daniel E. Paparini, Ruhul H. Choudhury, Daiana M. Vota, Magdalena Karolczak‐Bayatti, Sarah Finn‐Sell, Esteban N. Grasso, Vanesa C. Hauk, Rosanna Ramhorst, Claudia Pérez Leirós, John D. Aplin


Pages: 981-981

Article date: April 2019

Betulinic acid alleviates endoplasmic reticulum stress‐mediated nonalcoholic fatty liver disease through activation of farnesoid X receptors in mice

Pages: 847-863

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Ming Gu, Ping Zhao, Shiying Zhang, Shengjie Fan, Li Yang, Qingchun Tong, Guang Ji, Cheng Huang

Salvation of the fallen angel: Reactivating mutant p53

Pages: 817-831

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Yang Li, Zhuoyi Wang, Yuchen Chen, Robert B. Petersen, Ling Zheng, Kun Huang