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British Journal of Pharmacology


Molecular dynamics simulations of dihydro‐β‐erythroidine bound to the human α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Pages: 2750-2763

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Rilei Yu, Han‐Shen Tae, Qingliang Xu, David J. Craik, David J. Adams, Tao Jiang, Quentin Kaas

Histidine‐rich glycoprotein ameliorates endothelial barrier dysfunction through regulation of NF‐κB and MAPK signal pathway

Pages: 2808-2824

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Shangze Gao, Hidenori Wake, Yuan Gao, Dengli Wang, Shuji Mori, Keyue Liu, Kiyoshi Teshigawara, Hideo Takahashi, Masahiro Nishibori