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British Journal of Pharmacology


Retinal and circulating miRNA expression patterns in diabetic retinopathy: An in silico and in vivo approach

Pages: 2179-2194

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Chiara Bianca Maria Platania, Rosa Maisto, Maria Consiglia Trotta, Michele D'Amico, Settimio Rossi, Carlo Gesualdo, Giovanbattista D'Amico, Cornel Balta, Hildegard Herman, Anca Hermenean, Franca Ferraraccio, Iacopo Panarese, Filippo Drago, Claudio Bucolo

Activation of Kv7 channels as a novel mechanism for NO/cGMP‐induced pulmonary vasodilation

Pages: 2131-2145

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Gema Mondéjar‐Parreño, Javier Moral‐Sanz, Bianca Barreira, Alicia De la Cruz, Teresa Gonzalez, Maria Callejo, Sergio Esquivel‐Ruiz, Daniel Morales‐Cano, Laura Moreno, Carmen Valenzuela, Francisco Perez‐Vizcaino, Angel Cogolludo

Analgesic transient receptor potential vanilloid‐1‐active compounds inhibit native and recombinant T‐type calcium channels

Pages: 2264-2278

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Jeffrey R. McArthur, Rocio K. Finol‐Urdaneta, David J. Adams

Androgen receptor antagonism accelerates disease onset in the SOD1G93A mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Pages: 2111-2130

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Victoria M. McLeod, Chew L. Lau, Mathew D.F. Chiam, Thusitha W. Rupasinghe, Ute Roessner, Elvan Djouma, Wah C. Boon, Bradley J. Turner

VU0810464, a non‐urea G protein‐gated inwardly rectifying K+ (Kir3/GIRK) channel activator, exhibits enhanced selectivity for neuronal Kir3 channels and reduces stress‐induced hyperthermia in mice

Pages: 2238-2249

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Baovi N. Vo, Kristopher K. Abney, Allison Anderson, Ezequiel Marron Fernandez de Velasco, Michael A. Benneyworth, John Scott Daniels, Ryan D. Morrison, Corey R. Hopkins, Charles David Weaver, Kevin Wickman

Short lipopeptides specifically inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes with a dual antibacterial and anti‐inflammatory action

Pages: 2321-2335

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Guang Yang, Jingyu Wang, Shengsheng Lu, Zhao Chen, Sheng Fan, Daiwei Chen, Huanxin Xue, Wenyuan Shi, Jian He

Optostimulation of striatonigral terminals in substantia nigra induces dyskinesia that increases after L‐DOPA in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease

Pages: 2146-2161

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Ettel Keifman, Irene Ruiz‐DeDiego, Diego Esteban Pafundo, Rodrigo Manuel Paz, Oscar Solís, Mario Gustavo Murer, Rosario Moratalla

Inactivation of endothelial adenosine A2A receptors protects mice from cerebral ischaemia‐induced brain injury

Pages: 2250-2263

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Yaqi Zhou, Xianqiu Zeng, Ge Li, Qiuhua Yang, Jiean Xu, Min Zhang, Xiaoxiao Mao, Yapeng Cao, Lina Wang, Yiming Xu, Yong Wang, Yu Zhang, Zhengshuang Xu, Chaodong Wu, Jiang‐Fan Chen, Md Nasrul Hoda, Zhiping Liu, Mei Hong, Yuqing Huo

Impaired clearance of sunitinib leads to metabolic disorders and hepatotoxicity

Pages: 2162-2178

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Qi Zhao, Ting Zhang, Xue‐Rong Xiao, Jian‐Feng Huang, Yan Wang, Frank J. Gonzalez, Fei Li

Influence of sildenafil on the purinergic components of nerve‐mediated and urothelial ATP release from the bladder of normal and spinal cord injured mice

Pages: 2227-2237

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Basu Chakrabarty, Hiroki Ito, Manuela Ximenes, Nobuyuki Nishikawa, Bahareh Vahabi, Anthony J. Kanai, Anthony E. Pickering, Marcus J. Drake, Christopher H. Fry