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British Journal of Pharmacology


Acute effects of zinc and insulin on arcuate anorexigenic proopiomelanocortin neurons

Pages: 725-736

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Zhenyan He, Yong Gao, Linh Lieu, Sadia Afrin, Hongbo Guo, Kevin W Williams

The affinity, intrinsic activity and selectivity of a structurally novel EP2 receptor agonist at human prostanoid receptors

Pages: 687-698

Article date: March 2019

Authors: R A Coleman, A J Woodrooffe, K L Clark, C B Toris, S Fan, J W Wang, D F Woodward

Issue Information

Pages: 685-686

Article date: March 2019

Exogenous IL‐19 attenuates acute ischaemic injury and improves survival in male mice with myocardial infarction

Pages: 699-710

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Weishuai An, Yongsheng Yu, Yuefan Zhang, Zhigang Zhang, Yunhua Yu, Xianxian Zhao

Kazinol U inhibits melanogenesis through the inhibition of tyrosinase‐related proteins via AMP kinase activation

Pages: 737-750

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Jihyun Lim, Sorim Nam, Ji Hye Jeong, Min Jung Kim, Young Yang, Myeong‐Sok Lee, Hee Gu Lee, Jae‐Ha Ryu, Jong‐Seok Lim

Issue Information

Pages: 751-752

Article date: March 2019

Plan S: In service or disservice to society?

Pages: 753-756

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Tomasz J. Guzik, Amrita Ahluwalia

A novel nitroalkene‐α‐tocopherol analogue inhibits inflammation and ameliorates atherosclerosis in Apo E knockout mice

Pages: 757-772

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Jorge Rodriguez‐Duarte, Germán Galliussi, Rosina Dapueto, Jessica Rossello, Leonel Malacrida, Andrés Kamaid, Francisco J Schopfer, Carlos Escande, Gloria V López, Carlos Batthyány

Activation of RyR2 by class I kinase inhibitors

Pages: 773-786

Article date: March 2019

Authors: A D Chakraborty, L A Gonano, M L Munro, L J Smith, C Thekkedam, V Staudacher, A B Gamble, N Macquaide, A F Dulhunty, P P Jones

Epigenetic events involved in organic cation transporter 1‐dependent impaired response of hepatocellular carcinoma to sorafenib

Pages: 787-800

Article date: March 2019

Authors: Ruba Al‐Abdulla, Elisa Lozano, Rocio I R Macias, Maria J Monte, Oscar Briz, Colm J O'Rourke, Maria A Serrano, Jesus M Banales, Matias A Avila, Maria L Martinez‐Chantar, Andreas Geier, Jesper B Andersen, Jose J G Marin