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British Journal of Pharmacology


Protein quality control at the interface of endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria by Lon protease

Pages: 505-507

Article date: February 2019

Authors: Ashutosh K Pandey, Sundararajan Venkatesh

Harnessing stem cells and biomaterials to promote neural repair

Pages: 355-368

Article date: February 2019

Authors: K F Bruggeman, N Moriarty, E Dowd, D R Nisbet, C L Parish

Regulation of heterologously expressed 5‐HT1B receptors coupling to potassium channels in AtT‐20 cells

Pages: 451-465

Article date: February 2019

Authors: Marika Heblinski, Christopher Bladen, Mark Connor

The transient receptor potential melastatin 4 channel inhibitor 9‐phenanthrol modulates cardiac sodium channel

Pages: 4325-4337

Article date: December 2018

Authors: Jian‐wen Hou, Yu‐dong Fei, Wei Li, Yi‐he Chen, Qian Wang, Ying Xiao, Yue‐peng Wang, Yi‐gang Li

Zinc finger protein 91 positively regulates the production of IL‐1β in macrophages by activation of MAPKs and non‐canonical caspase‐8 inflammasome

Pages: 4338-4352

Article date: December 2018

Authors: Chunliu Mi, Zhe Wang, Ming Yue Li, Zhi Hong Zhang, Juan Ma, Xuejun Jin

Immunomodulatory tetracyclines shape the intestinal inflammatory response inducing mucosal healing and resolution

Pages: 4353-4370

Article date: December 2018

Authors: J Garrido‐Mesa, A Rodríguez‐Nogales, F Algieri, T Vezza, L Hidalgo‐Garcia, M Garrido‐Barros, M P Utrilla, F Garcia, N Chueca, M E Rodriguez‐Cabezas, N Garrido‐Mesa, J Gálvez

Reversal of albuminuria by combined AM6545 and perindopril therapy in experimental diabetic nephropathy

Pages: 4371-4385

Article date: December 2018

Authors: F Barutta, S Bellini, R Mastrocola, R Gambino, F Piscitelli, V Marzo, B Corbetta, VK Vemuri, A Makriyannis, L Annaratone, G Bruno, G Gruden

Adenosine A2A receptors facilitate synaptic NMDA currents in CA1 pyramidal neurons

Pages: 4386-4397

Article date: December 2018

Authors: Francisco M Mouro, Diogo M Rombo, Raquel B Dias, Joaquim A Ribeiro, Ana M Sebastião

Issue Information

Pages: 4283-4284

Article date: December 2018