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British Journal of Pharmacology


The saponin D39 blocks dissociation of non‐muscular myosin heavy chain IIA from TNF receptor 2, suppressing tissue factor expression and venous thrombosis

Pages: 2818-2831

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Ke‐feng Zhai, Jin‐rong Zheng, You‐mei Tang, Fang Li, Yan‐ni Lv, Yuan‐yuan Zhang, Zhen Gao, Jin Qi, Bo‐yang Yu, Jun‐ping Kou

Single and combined effects of Δ9‐tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in a mouse model of chemotherapy‐induced neuropathic pain

Pages: 2832-2841

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Kirsten M King, Alyssa M Myers, Ariele J Soroka‐Monzo, Ronald F Tuma, Ronald J Tallarida, Ellen A Walker, Sara Jane Ward

Heteromers of μ opioid and dopamine D1 receptors modulate opioid‐induced locomotor sensitization in a dopamine‐independent manner

Pages: 2842-2861

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Yi‐Min Tao, Chuan Yu, Wei‐Sheng Wang, Yuan‐Yuan Hou, Xue‐Jun Xu, Zhi‐Qiang Chi, Yu‐Qiang Ding, Yu‐Jun Wang, Jing‐Gen Liu

A novel individual‐cell‐based mathematical model based on multicellular tumour spheroids for evaluating doxorubicin‐related delivery in avascular regions

Pages: 2862-2879

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Jiali Liu, Fangrong Yan, Hongzhu Chen, Wenjie Wang, Wenyue Liu, Kun Hao, Guangji Wang, Fang Zhou, Jingwei Zhang

Oleanolic acid derivative DKS26 exerts antidiabetic and hepatoprotective effects in diabetic mice and promotes glucagon‐like peptide‐1 secretion and expression in intestinal cells

Pages: 2912-2928

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Fei‐Fei Chen, Jian‐Ta Wang, Li‐Xia Zhang, Shu‐Fang Xing, Yun‐Xia Wang, Kai Wang, Shu‐Li Deng, Ji‐Quan Zhang, Lei Tang, Hao‐Shu Wu

Neuroadaptations of presynaptic and postsynaptic GABAB receptor function in the paraventricular nucleus in response to chronic unpredictable stress

Pages: 2929-2940

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Yonggang Gao, Jing‐Jing Zhou, Yun Zhu, Li Wang, Therese A Kosten, Xiangjian Zhang, De‐Pei Li

Updating the guidelines for data transparency in the British Journal of Pharmacology – data sharing and the use of scatter plots instead of bar charts

Pages: 2801-2804

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Christopher H George, S Clare Stanford, Steve Alexander, Giuseppe Cirino, James R Docherty, Mark A Giembycz, Daniel Hoyer, Paul A Insel, Angelo A Izzo, Yong Ji, David J MacEwan, Christopher G Sobey, Sue Wonnacott, Amrita Ahluwalia

WMJ‐8‐B, a novel hydroxamate derivative, induces MDA‐MB‐231 breast cancer cell death via the SHP‐1‐STAT3‐survivin cascade

Pages: 2941-2961

Article date: September 2017

Authors: Yu‐Fan Chuang, Shiu‐Wen Huang, Ya‐Fen Hsu, Meng‐Chieh Yu, George Ou, Wei‐Jan Huang, Ming‐Jen Hsu

Issue Information

Pages: 2799-2800

Article date: September 2017