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British Journal of Pharmacology


Mechanism of doxorubicin cardiotoxicity evaluated by integrating multiple molecular effects into a biophysical model

Pages: 763-781

Article date: March 2018

Authors: M Fernandez‐Chas, M J Curtis, S A Niederer

Anti‐Parkinsonian and anti‐dyskinetic profiles of two novel potent and selective nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor agonists

Pages: 782-796

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Ludovico Arcuri, Salvatore Novello, Martina Frassineti, Daniela Mercatelli, Clarissa Anna Pisanò, Ilaria Morella, Stefania Fasano, Blair V Journigan, Michael E Meyer, Willma E Polgar, Riccardo Brambilla, Nurulain T Zaveri, Michele Morari

Embryonic exposure to valproic acid affects the histaminergic system and the social behaviour of adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Pages: 797-809

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Diego Baronio, Henri A J Puttonen, Maria Sundvik, Svetlana Semenova, Essi Lehtonen, Pertti Panula

Effects of corilagin on alleviating cholestasis via farnesoid X receptor‐associated pathways in vitro and in vivo

Pages: 810-829

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Fan Yang, Yao Wang, Gang Li, Juan Xue, Zhi‐Lin Chen, Feng Jin, Lei Luo, Xuan Zhou, Qian Ma, Xin Cai, Hua‐Rong Li, Lei Zhao

Identification of an (−)‐englerin A analogue, which antagonizes (−)‐englerin A at TRPC1/4/5 channels

Pages: 830-839

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Hussein N Rubaiy, Tobias Seitz, Sven Hahn, Axel Choidas, Peter Habenberger, Bert Klebl, Klaus Dinkel, Peter Nussbaumer, Herbert Waldmann, Mathias Christmann, David J Beech

Shikonin inhibits myeloid differentiation protein 2 to prevent LPS‐induced acute lung injury

Pages: 840-854

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Yali Zhang, Tingting Xu, Zheer Pan, Xiangting Ge, Chuchu Sun, Chun Lu, Hongjin Chen, Zhongxiang Xiao, Bing Zhang, Yuanrong Dai, Guang Liang

Issue Information

Pages: 741-742

Article date: March 2018

Simultaneous use of erythropoietin and LFM‐A13 as a new therapeutic approach for colorectal cancer

Pages: 743-762

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Anna Tankiewicz‐Kwedlo, Justyna Magdalena Hermanowicz, Tomasz Domaniewski, Krystyna Pawlak, Małgorzata Rusak, Anna Pryczynicz, Arkadiusz Surazynski, Tomasz Kaminski, Adam Kazberuk, Dariusz Pawlak

PRN473, an inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase, inhibits neutrophil recruitment via inhibition of macrophage antigen‐1 signalling

Pages: 429-439

Article date: February 2018

Authors: Jan M Herter, Andreas Margraf, Stephanie Volmering, Benedito Eduardo Correia, J Michael Bradshaw, Angelina Bisconte, Ronald J Hill, Claire L Langrish, Clifford A Lowell, Alexander Zarbock