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British Journal of Pharmacology


Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel Subfamily M Member 8 channels mediate the anti‐inflammatory effects of eucalyptol

Pages: 867-879

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Ana I Caceres, Boyi Liu, Sairam V Jabba, Satyanarayana Achanta, John B Morris, Sven‐Eric Jordt

Stimulation of Na+‐K+‐pump currents by epithelial nicotinic receptors in rat colon

Pages: 880-892

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Sandra Bader, Lena Lottig, Martin Diener

Inhibition of 6‐phosphofructo‐2‐kinase suppresses fibroblast‐like synoviocytes‐mediated synovial inflammation and joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis

Pages: 893-908

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Yaoyao Zou, Shan Zeng, Mingcheng Huang, Qian Qiu, Youjun Xiao, Maohua Shi, Zhongping Zhan, Liuqin Liang, Xiuyan Yang, Hanshi Xu

Issue Information

Pages: 735-736

Article date: May 2017

Pharmacological characterization of the excitatory ‘Cys‐loop’ GABA receptor family in Caenorhabditis elegans

Pages: 781-795

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Georgina C B Nicholl, Ali K Jawad, Robert Weymouth, Haoming Zhang, Asim A Beg

Identification and pharmacological characterization of succinate receptor agonists

Pages: 796-808

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Pierre Geubelle, Julie Gilissen, Sébastien Dilly, Laurence Poma, Nadine Dupuis, Céline Laschet, Dayana Abboud, Asuka Inoue, François Jouret, Bernard Pirotte, Julien Hanson

Effects of linagliptin on human immortalized podocytes: a cellular system to study dipeptidyl‐peptidase 4 inhibition

Pages: 809-821

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Gianluca Miglio, Giovanna Vitarelli, Thomas Klein, Elisa Benetti

Utilizing melatonin to combat bacterial infections and septic injury

Pages: 754-768

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Wei Hu, Chao Deng, Zhiqiang Ma, Dongjin Wang, Chongxi Fan, Tian Li, Shouyin Di, Bing Gong, Russel J Reiter, Yang Yang

PGE2/EP4 receptor attenuated mucosal injury via β‐arrestin1/Src/EGFR‐mediated proliferation in portal hypertensive gastropathy

Pages: 848-866

Article date: May 2017

Authors: Siwei Tan, Xiaoliang Chen, Minyi Xu, Xiaoli Huang, Huiling Liu, Jie Jiang, Yu Lu, Xiaojie Peng, Bin Wu


Pages: 909-910

Article date: May 2017