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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Population pharmacokinetics of lenalidomide in patients with B‐cell malignancies

Pages: 924-934

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Jim H. Hughes, Mitch A. Phelps, Richard N. Upton, Stephanie E. Reuter, Yue Gao, John C. Byrd, Michael R. Grever, Craig C. Hofmeister, Guido Marcucci, William Blum, Kristie A. Blum, David J.R. Foster

Targeting the hepcidin–ferroportin pathway in anaemia of chronic kidney disease

Pages: 935-948

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Matthew Sheetz, Philip Barrington, Sophie Callies, Paul H. Berg, Juliet McColm, Thomas Marbury, Brian Decker, Gregory L. Dyas, Stephanie M.E. Truhlar, Robert Benschop, Donmienne Leung, Jolene Berg, Derrick R. Witcher

Cerebrospinal fluid exposure of cenicriviroc in HIV‐positive individuals with cognitive impairment

Pages: 1039-1040

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Jasmini Alagaratnam, Sujan Dilly‐Penchala, Elizabeth Challenger, Laura Else, Ken Legg, Claire Petersen, Brynmor Jones, Ranjababu Kulasegaram, Star Seyedkazemi, Eric Lefebvre, Saye Khoo, Alan Winston

Five‐year trends in acetaminophen use exceeding the recommended daily maximum dose

Pages: 1028-1034

Article date: May 2019

Authors: David W. Kaufman, Judith P. Kelly, Deena R. Battista, Mary K. Malone, Rachel B. Weinstein, Saul Shiffman

Associations of statin use with glycaemic traits and incident type 2 diabetes

Pages: 993-1002

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Fariba Ahmadizar, Carolina Ochoa‐Rosales, Marija Glisic, Oscar H. Franco, Taulant Muka, Bruno H. Stricker

Maturational changes in vancomycin protein binding affect vancomycin dosing in neonates

Pages: 865-867

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Stéphanie Leroux, Johannes N. Anker, Anne Smits, Marc Pfister, Karel Allegaert

Issue Information

Pages: 861-862

Article date: May 2019

Health care professionals' attitudes towards deprescribing in older patients with limited life expectancy: A systematic review

Pages: 868-892

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Carina Lundby, Trine Graabæk, Jesper Ryg, Jens Søndergaard, Anton Pottegård, Dorthe Susanne Nielsen