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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Efficacy and safety of sapropterin dihydrochloride in patients with phenylketonuria: A meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials

Pages: 893-899

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Jinghan Qu, Ting Yang, Ente Wang, Min Li, Chaoyang Chen, Lingyun Ma, Ying Zhou, Yimin Cui

Interaction of OTC drug noscapine and acenocoumarol and phenprocoumon

Pages: 1041-1043

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Bianca Lokhorst, Leàn Rolfes, Naomi T. Jessurun

Effects of prednisone on docetaxel pharmacokinetics in men with metastatic prostate cancer: A randomized drug–drug interaction study

Pages: 986-992

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Bodine P.S. Belderbos, Koen G.A.M. Hussaarts, Leonie J. Harten, Esther Oomen‐de Hoop, Peter Bruijn, Paul Hamberg, Robbert J. Alphen, Brigitte C.M. Haberkorn, Martijn P. Lolkema, Ronald Wit, Robert J. Soest, Ron H.J. Mathijssen

Issue highlights

Pages: 863-864

Article date: May 2019

A semiphysiological population pharmacokinetic model of agomelatine and its metabolites in Chinese healthy volunteers

Pages: 1003-1014

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Feifan Xie, An Vermeulen, Pieter Colin, Zeneng Cheng

Consensi: Is it a conscientious combination?

Pages: 1044-1044

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Ajay Kumar Shukla, Ratinder Jhaj

Effects of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor ronopterin (VAS203) on renal function in healthy volunteers

Pages: 900-907

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Christian Ott, Agnes Bosch, Nicole Winzer, Stephanie Friedrich, Reinhard Schinzel, Frank Tegtmeier, Roland E. Schmieder

Treatment of exudative age‐related macular degeneration with aflibercept combined with pranoprofen eye drops or nutraceutical support with omega‐3: A randomized trial

Pages: 908-913

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Francesco Semeraro, Elena Gambicordi, Anna Cancarini, Francesco Morescalchi, Ciro Costagliola, Andrea Russo

Physiologically‐based pharmacokinetics of ziprasidone in pregnant women

Pages: 914-923

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Carla Biesdorf, Frederico S. Martins, Sherwin K.B. Sy, Andrea Diniz