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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Effects of Nigella sativa seeds (black cumin) on insulin secretion and lipid profile: A pilot study in healthy volunteers

Pages: 1607-1611

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Sophie Pelegrin, Florence Galtier, Anne Chalançon, Jean‐Pierre Gagnol, Anne‐Marie Barbanel, Yves Pélissier, Michel Larroque, Samuel Lepape, Marie Faucanié, Isabelle Gabillaud, Pierre Petit, Hugues Chevassus

Sex differences in adverse drug reactions reported to the National Pharmacovigilance Centre in the Netherlands: An explorative observational study

Pages: 1507-1515

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Sieta T. Vries, Petra Denig, Corine Ekhart, Jako S. Burgers, Nanno Kleefstra, Peter G.M. Mol, Eugène P. Puijenbroek

Coadministration of the prostaglandin F2α receptor antagonist preterm labour drug candidate OBE022 with magnesium sulfate, atosiban, nifedipine and betamethasone

Pages: 1516-1527

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Oliver Pohl, Line Marchand, Jean‐Pierre Gotteland, Simon Coates, Jörg Täubel, Ulrike Lorch

Spotlight Commentary: How to prove pharmacology of immunomodulatory drugs in a phase 1 trial?

Pages: 1389-1390

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Robert Rissmann, Elemer Szabadi

Spotlight Commentary: What's new with the old drug aspirin in older adults?

Pages: 1391-1392

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Andrew James Webb, Pietro Minuz

Issue Information

Pages: 1383-1384

Article date: July 2019

A randomized double‐blind, placebo‐controlled clinical phase IIa trial on safety, immunomodulatory effects and pharmacokinetics of EA‐230 during experimental human endotoxaemia

Pages: 1559-1571

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Roger Groenendael, Matthijs Kox, Guus Leijte, Bouke Koeneman, Jelle Gerretsen, Lucas Eijk, Peter Pickkers

Pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of the novel β‐hCG derived immunomodulatory compound, EA‐230

Pages: 1572-1584

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Roger Groenendael, Rob Aarnoutse, Matthijs Kox, Lucas Eijk, Peter Pickkers