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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Effect of rifampin on enantioselective disposition and anti‐hypertensive effect of benidipine

Pages: 737-745

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Yu Eun Sunwoo, Phuong Thi Thu Nguyen, Chin May Chien, Ji Young Ryu, Jihong Shon, Jae‐Gook Shin

Issue highlights

Pages: 657-658

Article date: April 2019

Issue Information

Pages: 655-656

Article date: April 2019

Response to ‘Sex‐by‐formulation interaction in bioequivalence studies: the importance of formulations and experimental conditions’ by Ibarra et al.

Pages: 857-858

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Esperanza González‐Rojano, Francisco Abad‐Santos, John Gordon, Alfredo García‐Arieta

A phase 1b randomized, placebo‐controlled clinical trial with SNF472 in haemodialysis patients

Pages: 796-806

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Carolina Salcedo, Pieter H. Joubert, Miguel D. Ferrer, Ana Z. Canals, Francisco Maduell, Vicens Torregrosa, Josep Maria Campistol, Raquel Ojeda, Joan Perelló

Cefuroxime plasma and tissue concentrations in patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery: Continuous vs bolus application. A pilot study

Pages: 818-826

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Keso Skhirtladze‐Dworschak, Doris Hutschala, Georg Reining, Peter Dittrich, Anna Bartunek, Martin Dworschak, Edda M. Tschernko

Commentary on the EMA Reflection Paper on the use of extrapolation in the development of medicines for paediatrics

Pages: 659-668

Article date: April 2019

Authors: Cécile Ollivier, Andrew Thomson, Efthymios Manolis, Kevin Blake, Kristin E. Karlsson, Catherijne A.J. Knibbe, Gérard Pons, Robert Hemmings