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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology



Pages: 1863-1863

Article date: August 2019

Comparison of pharmacokinetics and the exposure–response relationship of dapagliflozin between adolescent/young adult and adult patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Pages: 1820-1828

Article date: August 2019

Authors: David Busse, Weifeng Tang, Markus Scheerer, Thomas Danne, Torben Biester, Viktor Sokolov, David Boulton, Joanna Parkinson

Investigation of the absolute bioavailability and human mass balance of navoximod, a novel IDO1 inhibitor

Pages: 1751-1760

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Shuguang Ma, Julia Suchomel, Evelyn Yanez, Edward Yost, Xiaorong Liang, Rui Zhu, Hoa Le, Nicholas Siebers, Lori Joas, Roland Morley, Stephanie Royer‐Joo, Andrea Pirzkall, Laurent Salphati, Joseph A. Ware, Kari M. Morrissey

Analgesic efficacy and pharmacokinetics of epidural oxycodone in pain management after gynaecological laparoscopy—A randomised, double blind, active control, double‐dummy clinical comparison with intravenous administration

Pages: 1798-1807

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Panu Piirainen, Hannu Kokki, Brian Anderson, Jacqueline Hannam, Heidi Hautajärvi, Veli‐Pekka Ranta, Merja Kokki

Erlotinib treatment induces cytochrome P450 3A activity in non‐small cell lung cancer patients

Pages: 1704-1709

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Anna Svedberg, Svante Vikingsson, Anders Vikström, Niels Hornstra, Magnus Kentson, Eva Branden, Hirsh Koyi, Bengt Bergman, Henrik Gréen

Pharmacodynamics of rituximab on B lymphocytes in paediatric patients with autoimmune diseases

Pages: 1790-1797

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Shan Pan, Huixin Yu, Ayesha Surti, Iek Cheng, Stephen D. Marks, Paul A. Brogan, Despina Eleftheriou, Joseph F. Standing

Issue Information

Pages: 1657-1658

Article date: August 2019

Hepatic exposure of metformin in patients with non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease

Pages: 1761-1770

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Elias Immanuel Ordell Sundelin, Lars Christian Gormsen, Sara Heebøll, Mikkel Holm Vendelbo, Steen Jakobsen, Ole Lajord Munk, Søren Feddersen, Kim Brøsen, Stephen Jacques Hamilton‐Dutoit, Steen Bønløkke Pedersen, Henning Grønbæk, Niels Jessen