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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Investigation of the absolute bioavailability and human mass balance of navoximod, a novel IDO1 inhibitor

Pages: 1751-1760

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Shuguang Ma, Julia Suchomel, Evelyn Yanez, Edward Yost, Xiaorong Liang, Rui Zhu, Hoa Le, Nicholas Siebers, Lori Joas, Roland Morley, Stephanie Royer‐Joo, Andrea Pirzkall, Laurent Salphati, Joseph A. Ware, Kari M. Morrissey

Warfarin dose requirement in patients having severe thrombosis or thrombophilia

Pages: 1684-1691

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Tuukka A. Helin, Lotta Joutsi‐Korhonen, Heidi Asmundela, Mikko Niemi, Arto Orpana, Riitta Lassila


Pages: 1865-1865

Article date: August 2019

The interaction between rifampicin and lamotrigine: A case report

Pages: 1859-1860

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Jan Wimpelmann, Hans Høvik, Bettina Riedel, Lars Slørdal

Dynamics of circulating vascular endothelial growth factor‐A predict benefit from antiangiogenic cediranib in metastatic or recurrent cervical cancer patients

Pages: 1781-1789

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Cong Zhou, Sarah Taylor, Jonathan Tugwood, Kathryn Simpson, Gordon C. Jayson, Paul Symonds, James Paul, Susan Davidson, Karen Carty, Elaine McCartney, Debbie Rai, Caroline Dive, Catharine West

Population pharmacokinetic model and Bayesian estimator for 2 tacrolimus formulations in adult liver transplant patients

Pages: 1740-1750

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Camille Riff, Jean Debord, Caroline Monchaud, Pierre Marquet, Jean‐Baptiste Woillard

Methadone and buprenorphine pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics when coadministered with fostemsavir to opioid‐dependent, human immunodeficiency virus seronegative participants

Pages: 1771-1780

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Katy Moore, Mindy Magee, Heather Sevinsky, Ming Chang, Susan Lubin, Elsa Myers, Peter Ackerman, Cyril Llamoso