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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


The interaction between rifampicin and lamotrigine: A case report

Pages: 1859-1860

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Jan Wimpelmann, Hans Høvik, Bettina Riedel, Lars Slørdal

Investigation of the absolute bioavailability and human mass balance of navoximod, a novel IDO1 inhibitor

Pages: 1751-1760

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Shuguang Ma, Julia Suchomel, Evelyn Yanez, Edward Yost, Xiaorong Liang, Rui Zhu, Hoa Le, Nicholas Siebers, Lori Joas, Roland Morley, Stephanie Royer‐Joo, Andrea Pirzkall, Laurent Salphati, Joseph A. Ware, Kari M. Morrissey

Assessing the impact of the addition of dendritic cell vaccination to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients: A model‐based characterization approach

Pages: 1670-1683

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Belén P. Solans, Ascensión López‐Díaz de Cerio, Arlette Elizalde, Luis Javier Pina, Susana Inogés, Jaime Espinós, Esteban Salgado, Luis Daniel Mejías, Iñaki F. Trocóniz, Marta Santisteban

Warfarin dose requirement in patients having severe thrombosis or thrombophilia

Pages: 1684-1691

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Tuukka A. Helin, Lotta Joutsi‐Korhonen, Heidi Asmundela, Mikko Niemi, Arto Orpana, Riitta Lassila

Issue highlights

Pages: 1659-1660

Article date: August 2019

Hepatic exposure of metformin in patients with non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease

Pages: 1761-1770

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Elias Immanuel Ordell Sundelin, Lars Christian Gormsen, Sara Heebøll, Mikkel Holm Vendelbo, Steen Jakobsen, Ole Lajord Munk, Søren Feddersen, Kim Brøsen, Stephen Jacques Hamilton‐Dutoit, Steen Bønløkke Pedersen, Henning Grønbæk, Niels Jessen

Issue Information

Pages: 1657-1658

Article date: August 2019

Body of evidence and approaches applied in the clinical development programme of fixed‐dose combinations in the European Union from 2010 to 2016

Pages: 1829-1840

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Asbjørn Nøhr‐Nielsen, Marie Louise De Bruin, Mikael Thomsen, Christian Bressen Pipper, Theis Lange, Ole Jannik Bjerrum, Trine Meldgaard Lund

Chronotherapy as a potential approach to hypertensive patients with elevated heart rate?

Pages: 1861-1862

Article date: August 2019

Authors: Fedor Simko, Tomas Baka