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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Protein binding and α : β anomer ratio of dihydroartemisinin in vivo

Pages: 529-533

Article date: April 2004

Authors: Kevin T. Batty, Kenneth F. Ilett, Timothy M. E. Davis,

Recent advances in drug action and therapeutics: Relevance of novel concepts in G‐protein‐coupled receptor and signal transduction pharmacology

Pages: 373-387

Article date: April 2004

Authors: C. B. Brink, B. H. Harvey, J. Bodenstein, D. P. Venter, D. W. Oliver,

Different inhibitory effect of fluvoxamine on omeprazole metabolism between CYP2C19 genotypes

Pages: 487-494

Article date: April 2004

Authors: Norio Yasui‐Furukori, Takenori Takahata, Taku Nakagami, Gen Yoshiya, Yoshimasa Inoue, Sunao Kaneko, Tomonori Tateishi,

Notice of future meetings

Pages: 534-534

Article date: April 2004


Retrospective population pharmacokinetic analysis of cetirizine in children aged 6 months to 12 years

Pages: 402-411

Article date: April 2004

Authors: Maria Pitsiu, Ziad Hussein, Oneeb Majid, Leon Aarons, Marc De Longueville, Armel Stockis,

Acute otitis media in children: a retrospective analysis of physician prescribing patterns

Pages: 500-505

Article date: April 2004

Authors: Caroline Quach, Jean‐Paul Collet, Jacques LeLorier,

CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 involvement in the primary oxidative metabolism of hydrocodone by human liver microsomes

Pages: 287-297

Article date: March 2004

Authors: Mark R. Hutchinson, Andrew Menelaou, David J. R. Foster, Janet K. Coller, Andrew A. Somogyi,

Concentration‐time profile for perhexiline and hydroxyperhexiline in patients at steady state

Pages: 263-269

Article date: March 2004

Authors: Terry E. Jones, Raymond G. Morris, John D. Horowitz,