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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Issue Information

Pages: 861-862

Article date: May 2019

Health care professionals' attitudes towards deprescribing in older patients with limited life expectancy: A systematic review

Pages: 868-892

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Carina Lundby, Trine Graabæk, Jesper Ryg, Jens Søndergaard, Anton Pottegård, Dorthe Susanne Nielsen

Relationship between allograft cyclosporin concentrations and P‐glycoprotein expression in the 1st month following renal transplantation

Pages: 1015-1020

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Benedetta C. Sallustio, Benjamin D. Noll, Janet K. Coller, Jonathan Tuke, Graeme Russ, Andrew A. Somogyi

Pharmacokinetics of ticarcillin–clavulanate in premature infants

Pages: 1021-1027

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Kevin M. Watt, Christoph P. Hornik, Stephen J. Balevic, Gratias Mundakel, C. Michael Cotten, Barrie Harper, Daniel K. Benjamin, Ravinder Anand, Matthew Laughon, P. Brian Smith, Michael Cohen‐Wolkowiez, on behalf of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act — Pediatric Trials Network Steering Committee, on behalf of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act — Pediatric Trials Network Steering Committee

Evaluating metronidazole as a novel, safe CYP2A6 phenotyping probe in healthy adults

Pages: 960-969

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Stephani L. Stancil, Robin E. Pearce, Rachel F. Tyndale, Gregory L. Kearns, Carrie A. Vyhlidal, J. Steven Leeder, Susan Abdel‐Rahman

Central nervous system effects of the histamine‐3 receptor antagonist CEP‐26401, in comparison with modafinil and donepezil, after a single dose in a cross‐over study in healthy volunteers

Pages: 970-985

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Anne C. Baakman, Rob Zuiker, Joop M.A. Gerven, Nicholas Gross, Ronghua Yang, Michael Fetell, Ari Gershon, Yossi Gilgun‐Sherki, Edward Hellriegel, Ofer Spiegelstein

Efficacy and safety of sapropterin dihydrochloride in patients with phenylketonuria: A meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials

Pages: 893-899

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Jinghan Qu, Ting Yang, Ente Wang, Min Li, Chaoyang Chen, Lingyun Ma, Ying Zhou, Yimin Cui

Interaction of OTC drug noscapine and acenocoumarol and phenprocoumon

Pages: 1041-1043

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Bianca Lokhorst, Leàn Rolfes, Naomi T. Jessurun

Effects of prednisone on docetaxel pharmacokinetics in men with metastatic prostate cancer: A randomized drug–drug interaction study

Pages: 986-992

Article date: May 2019

Authors: Bodine P.S. Belderbos, Koen G.A.M. Hussaarts, Leonie J. Harten, Esther Oomen‐de Hoop, Peter Bruijn, Paul Hamberg, Robbert J. Alphen, Brigitte C.M. Haberkorn, Martijn P. Lolkema, Ronald Wit, Robert J. Soest, Ron H.J. Mathijssen

Issue highlights

Pages: 863-864

Article date: May 2019