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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Effects of proton pump inhibitors, esomeprazole and vonoprazan, on the disposition of proguanil, a CYP2C19 substrate, in healthy volunteers

Pages: 1454-1463

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Ryohkan Funakoshi, Yukana Tomoda, Toshiyuki Kudo, Kenichi Furihata, Hiroyuki Kusuhara, Kiyomi Ito

Effect of CYP3A inhibitors on the pharmacokinetics of pevonedistat in patients with advanced solid tumours

Pages: 1464-1473

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Hélène Faessel, John Nemunaitis, Todd M. Bauer, A. Craig Lockhart, Douglas V. Faller, Farhad Sedarati, Xiaofei Zhou, Karthik Venkatakrishnan, R. Donald Harvey

Key enablers and barriers to implementing adaptive pathways in the European setting

Pages: 1427-1433

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Juan Carlos Rejon‐Parrilla, Pall Jonsson, Jacoline C. Bouvy

Pharmacokinetics and subjective effects of a novel oral LSD formulation in healthy subjects

Pages: 1474-1483

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Friederike Holze, Urs Duthaler, Patrick Vizeli, Felix Müller, Stefan Borgwardt, Matthias E. Liechti

Effects of cladribine tablets on heart rate, atrio‐ventricular conduction and cardiac repolarization in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis

Pages: 1484-1494

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Robert Hermann, Jeffrey S. Litwin, Lena E. Friberg, Fernando Dangond, Alain Munafo

Spotlight—Introducing a new Commentary series for the BJCP

Pages: 1387-1388

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Andrew J. Webb

Spotlight Commentary: Medicines use during pregnancy and harmful effects on offspring

Pages: 1393-1393

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Li Wei, Adam Cohen

Spotlight Commentary: A post approval look at anticoagulants

Pages: 1394-1395

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Li Wei, Adam Cohen, Ton Boer

Perpetrator effects of ciclosporin (P‐glycoprotein inhibitor) and its combination with fluconazole (CYP3A inhibitor) on the pharmacokinetics of rivaroxaban in healthy volunteers

Pages: 1528-1537

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Antonia Brings, Marie‐Louise Lehmann, Kathrin I. Foerster, Jürgen Burhenne, Johanna Weiss, Walter E. Haefeli, David Czock

Diabetes mellitus comorbidity in patients enrolled in tuberculosis drug efficacy trials around the world: A systematic review

Pages: 1407-1417

Article date: July 2019

Authors: Nurul Cholifah Lutfiana, Job F.M. Boven, Muhammad Asim Masoom Zubair, Michelle J. Pena, Jan‐Willem C. Alffenaar