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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Pityriasis rosea‐like eruption associated with ondansetron use in pregnancy

Pages: 1077-1080

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Malak M. Alame, Dina J. Chamsy, Hassan Zaraket

A systematic review of population pharmacokinetics of valproic acid

Pages: 816-834

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Janthima Methaneethorn

Discontinuities and disruptions in drug dosage guidelines for the paediatric population

Pages: 1029-1037

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Kate M. Chitty, Bosco Chan, Camille L. Pulanco, Sonya Luu, Oluwaseun Egunsola, Nicholas A. Buckley

Systematic review of predictive risk models for adverse drug events in hospitalized patients

Pages: 846-864

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Nazanin Falconer, Michael Barras, Neil Cottrell

Rhabdomyolysis after co‐administration of a statin and fusidic acid: an analysis of the literature and of the WHO database of adverse drug reactions

Pages: 1057-1063

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Thomas Deljehier, Antoine Pariente, Ghada Miremont‐Salamé, Françoise Haramburu, Linh Nguyen, Sébastien Rubin, Claire Rigothier, Hélène Théophile

The impact of diuretic use and ABCG2 genotype on the predictive performance of a published allopurinol dosing tool

Pages: 937-943

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Daniel F. B. Wright, Nicola Dalbeth, Amanda J. Phipps‐Green, Tony R. Merriman, Murray L. Barclay, Jill Drake, Paul Tan, Anne Horne, Lisa K. Stamp

Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic drug–drug interactions of avatrombopag when coadministered with dual or selective CYP2C9 and CYP3A interacting drugs

Pages: 952-960

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Maiko Nomoto, Cynthia A. Zamora, Edgar Schuck, Peter Boyd, Min‐Kun Chang, Jagadeesh Aluri, Y. Amy Siu, W. George Lai, Sanae Yasuda, Jim Ferry, Bhaskar Rege

Better characterization of vinflunine pharmacokinetics variability and exposure/toxicity relationship to improve its use: Analyses from 18 trials

Pages: 900-910

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Antonin Schmitt, Laurent Nguyen, Grégoire Zorza, Pierre Ferré, Aurélie Pétain

Clinical impact of pharmacokinetic interactions between the HCV protease inhibitor simeprevir and frequently used concomitant medications

Pages: 961-971

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Fiona Marra, Christoph Höner zu Siederdissen, Saye Khoo, David Back, Michael Schlag, Sivi Ouwerkerk‐Mahadevan, Ceyhun Bicer, Isabelle Lonjon‐Domanec, Wolfgang Jessner, Maria Beumont‐Mauviel, Ronald Kalmeijer, Markus Cornberg

Opioids out of control

Pages: 813-815

Article date: May 2018

Authors: Christopher N. Floyd, John B. Warren