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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


On authorship in the BJCP

Pages: 2127-2130

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Adam F. Cohen

A different inhibitor is required for overcoming entecavir resistance: a comparison of four rescue therapies in a retrospective study

Pages: 2259-2265

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Guosheng Yuan, Chengguang Hu, Yuchen Zhou, Junwei Liu, Huaping Huang, Yuan Li, Dinghua Yang, Fuyuan Zhou, Yong‐Yuan Zhang, Yuanping Zhou

Effect of a single intravenous zoledronic acid administration on biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with osteoporosis: a pilot study

Pages: 2266-2273

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Cristiana Cipriani, Jessica Pepe, Carolina Clementelli, Rizieri Manai, Luciano Colangelo, Valeria Fassino, Luciano Nieddu, Salvatore Minisola

Does a glass of Coke boost the exposure to imatinib in gastrointestinal stromal tumour patients after gastrectomy?

Pages: 2312-2314

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Floor J. E. Lubberman, Hans Gelderblom, Carli M. Wilmer, Dina M. Kweekel, Ingrid M. E. Desar, Angela Colbers, David Burger, Winette T. A. Graaf, Nielka Erp

Significant decreases in blood propofol concentrations during adrenalectomy for phaeochromocytoma

Pages: 2205-2213

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Tatsunori Watanabe, Haruhiko Hiraoka, Takuya Araki, Daisuke Nagano, Tohru Aomori, Tomonori Nakamura, Koujirou Yamamoto, Hiroshi Baba

Treatment of spontaneous preterm labour with retosiban: a phase II pilot dose‐ranging study

Pages: 2283-2291

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Steven Thornton, Guillermo Valenzuela, Charlotte Baidoo, Michael J. Fossler, Timothy H. Montague, Linda Clayton, Marcy Powell, Jerry Snidow, Brendt Stier, David Soergel

Concomitant medications and obstructive sleep apnoea

Pages: 2315-2316

Article date: October 2017

Authors: François Montastruc, Agnès Sommet, Jean‐Louis Montastruc

Ocular myasthenic syndrome, adverse reaction to omalizumab? A case report

Pages: 2330-2332

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Willemien S. Kalteren, Marco W. J. Schreurs, Annelies Jorritsma‐Smit, Daan J. Touw, Jan Willem Jong, Petra G. M. A. Zweers, Fransje E. Reesink

Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare providers must be aware of the risks of fluoxetine

Pages: 2319-2320

Article date: October 2017

Authors: Nancy Lutwak, Curt Dill

Issue Information

Pages: 2123-2124

Article date: October 2017