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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


Growth factors for diabetic foot ulcers: mixed treatment comparison analysis of randomized clinical trials

Pages: 434-444

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Kannan Sridharan, Gowri Sivaramakrishnan

Drug‐related deaths in hospital inpatients: A retrospective cohort study

Pages: 542-552

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Eva Montané, Ana Lucía Arellano, Yolanda Sanz, Josep Roca, Magí Farré

Aprepitant and fosaprepitant decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives

Pages: 602-603

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Neil Bailard, Elizabeth Rebello

Fatal prescription charts

Pages: 417-418

Article date: March 2018

Authors: John B. Warren

Use of oral anticoagulants in German nursing home residents: drug use patterns and predictors for treatment choice

Pages: 590-601

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Kathrin Jobski, Falk Hoffmann, Stefan Herget‐Rosenthal, Michael Dörks

How reliable are commercially available trackers in detecting daytime sleep

Pages: 605-606

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Philip Lambrechtse, Victoria C. Ziesenitz, Adam Cohen, Johannes N. Anker, Ernst Jan Bos

A human microdose study of the antimalarial drug GSK3191607 in healthy volunteers

Pages: 482-489

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Malek Okour, Geo Derimanov, Rodger Barnett, Esther Fernandez, Santiago Ferrer, Stephanie Gresham, Mohammad Hossain, Francisco‐Javier Gamo, Gavin Koh, Adrian Pereira, Katie Rolfe, Deborah Wong, Graeme Young, Harshad Rami, John Haselden

The risk of febrile neutropenia in breast cancer patients following adjuvant chemotherapy is predicted by the time course of interleukin‐6 and C‐reactive protein by modelling

Pages: 490-500

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Ida Netterberg, Mats O. Karlsson, Elisabet I. Nielsen, Angelica L. Quartino, Henrik Lindman, Lena E. Friberg

Evaluation of modafinil as a perpetrator of metabolic drug–drug interactions using a model informed cocktail reaction phenotyping trial protocol

Pages: 501-509

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Angela Rowland, Madelé Dyk, David Warncken, Arduino A. Mangoni, Michael J. Sorich, Andrew Rowland

Drug burden index to define the burden of medicines in older adults with intellectual disabilities: An observational cross‐sectional study

Pages: 553-567

Article date: March 2018

Authors: Juliette O'Connell, Éilish Burke, Niamh Mulryan, Claire O'Dwyer, Clare Donegan, Philip McCallion, Mary McCarron, Martin C. Henman, Máire O'Dwyer