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British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology


A phase 1 healthy male volunteer single escalating dose study of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of risdiplam (RG7916, RO7034067), a SMN2 splicing modifier

Pages: 181-193

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Stefan Sturm, Andreas Günther, Birgit Jaber, Paul Jordan, Nada Al Kotbi, Nikhat Parkar, Yumi Cleary, Nicolas Frances, Tobias Bergauer, Katja Heinig, Heidemarie Kletzl, Anne Marquet, Hasane Ratni, Agnès Poirier, Lutz Müller, Christian Czech, Omar Khwaja

Successful and safe long‐term treatment of cerebral aspergillosis with high‐dose voriconazole guided by therapeutic drug monitoring

Pages: 266-269

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Pier Giorgio Cojutti, Maria Merelli, Lorenzo Allegri, Giuseppe Damante, Matteo Bassetti, Federico Pea

Anticholinergic exposure and cognitive decline in older adults: effect of anticholinergic exposure definitions in a 3‐year analysis of the multidomain Alzheimer preventive trial (MAPT) study

Pages: 71-99

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Laurine Andre, Adeline Gallini, François Montastruc, Nicola Coley, Jean‐Louis Montastruc, Bruno Vellas, Sandrine Andrieu, Virginie Gardette, for the MAPT/DSA study group, for the MAPT/DSA study group

An evaluation of the role of mixing techniques in the observed variation in acetylcysteine infusion concentrations

Pages: 252-257

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Kerry Layne, Louise Hope, Edmund Rab, John Archer, David M. Wood, Paul I. Dargan

Identifying poor adherence to antihypertensive medications in patients with resistant hypertension

Pages: 5-7

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Isla S. Mackenzie, Thomas M. MacDonald

Overuse or underuse of methylphenidate in adults in France: commentary on Pauly et al. 2018

Pages: 273-274

Article date: January 2019

Authors: Sébastien Weibel, Régis Lopez, Jean‐Arthur Micoulaud‐Franchi, Stéphanie Bioulac, Michel Lecendreux, Gilles Bertschy

Issue highlights

Pages: 3-4

Article date: January 2019

Population pharmacokinetic modelling of intravenous paracetamol in fit older people displays extensive unexplained variability

Pages: 126-135

Article date: January 2019

Authors: P. Mian, M. J. Esdonk, K. T. Olkkola, B. C. M. Winter, A. Liukas, I. Spriet, D. Tibboel, M. Petrovic, B. C. P. Koch, K. Allegaert

Preliminary evidence that vortioxetine may improve sleep quality in depressed patients with insomnia: a retrospective questionnaire analysis

Pages: 240-244

Article date: January 2019

Authors: C. Liguori, L. Ferini‐Strambi, F. Izzi, L. Mari, N. Manfredi, A. D'Elia, N. B. Mercuri, F. Placidi