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Our open access policy

Articles published by the British Pharmacological Society in British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) and British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (BJCP) are freely available online 12 months after publication. Certain selected content is made freely available from the date of publication.

The January editions of both BJP and BJCP are made freely available.

Both BJP and BJCP are ‘hybrid’ journals and offer the option of paid-for open access. Details of open access are available via the BJP and BJCP websites. Both journals are compliant with the requirements of the major funding body mandates worldwide, including Research Councils UK and the Charity Open Access Fund.

Pharmacology Research and Perspectives (PR&P) is an entirely open access journal so all articles are available under a Creative Commons license (the exact license is stated in the final article) and there is an article publishing charge.

Back archives of all issues of both journals that were published before 1997 were made by the Wellcome Trust and available on PubMedCentral.

N.B. Freely available and open access does not mean the same. Open access articles are available under a Creative Commons license granting certain re-use rights, whereas freely available articles are open to read  under the same copyright agreement as a subscription article but without a journal subscription.