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Recognising top institutions for British Pharmacological Society membership

Published: 25 May 2017 in Society news

The Society is a global community at the heart of pharmacology, with over 3,500 members from over 60 countries. Our members are the heart of our Society and ensure that we can continue to lead the way in research and application of pharmacology.

The Society's Membership and Awards Committee tracks the top institutions for British Pharmacological Society members, and we are keen to share the results more widely.

Top ten institutes as of 23 May 2017:

  1. King’s College London
  2. Imperial College London
  3. Queen Mary, University of London
  4. University of Nottingham
  5. University College London
  6. University of Liverpool
  7. University of Edinburgh
  8. University of Glasgow, University of Manchester (joint)
  9. University of Cambridge
  10. Newcastle University
If you'd like to recommend membership to colleagues in your network who you feel might benefit from the activities, journals, scientific meetings and support the Society can provide are not doing so already, please find available to download and share a summary of information and a leaflet about member benefits.