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British Pharmacological Society in the news


President David Webb comments for on off-target effects of drug in fatal clinical trial

09 Jun 2017

British Pharmacological Society President, Professor David Webb, commented on a recent study of a French drug trial killed one of its test subjects in 2016.

BJP article: Are natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy safe?

10 Oct 2016

A review published in the British Journal of Pharmacology indicates that it is not clear whether the benefits of plant-derived compounds that mimic estrogen outweigh the possible health risks.

BJCP article: Most people don't sleep any worse when taking medicines with sleep disturbance warnings

14 Jun 2016

Medicines that carry warnings about sleep disturbances do not seem to contribute to the amount of sleep disturbances in the general population, according to new ‘real world’ research. The findings, which are published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology suggest that investigators may need to provide more careful reporting of side effects in clinical trials, and emphasizes the value of research into the safety of medicines once they are being taken by the general population.

National prescribing assessment needed to enhance patient safety

23 Jun 2015

The Lancet article, Prescribing safety: ensuring that new graduates are prepared (published on 13 February 2015) received several responses from international readers. The submitted correspondence can be viewed below: Professor Darrell R. Abernethy et al (USA) Mr Jelle Tichelaar et al (Netherlands) Professor Sarah Hilmer et al (Australia) Dr Robert Likic et al (Croatia)